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Feb 28 – Evening Update

Evening Update – Rain…Peace Corps…Gas Prices…Coach Smuggler…Sobriety Bill

Oregon Logging Conference Celebrates 73 years

Big machines, friendly people, and lots of local businesses, The 73rd Oregon Logging Conference has another successful show here in Eugene.

New Business in Eugene-Hot Mama’s Hot Wings

The atmosphere may be laid back, but the food is a labor of love. You won’t find any canned sauces, the food is home-made and locally sourced.

Feb 28 – Morning Headlines

Today: weather…memorial service…safety sign…LCC downtown…electrical fire…donated building bill…shooting

Local Girl Heads to Game Developer’s Conference, Pt. 1

Eugene is a city with many hidden gems. Gorgeous parks, fascinating people, wonderful volunteer organizations, and unique industries abound. One of those industries is computer and video game development. Most local Eugenians I talk to seem wholly unaware of the presence of game developers here – and downright shocked when I start listing off the […]

Feeding Food for Lane County

You’ve probably never thought about where Food for Lane County gets their various supplies. The main source may surprise you.

Southeast Eugene Plays in the Snow

The Great and Awesome Blizzard of 2011 visited upon Eugene for all of 24-hours on Thursday left most feeling underwhelmed – those in North Eugene anyway. Most went on their merry way, going to work, school, or shopping as usual. For the few in South Eugene up near Spencer Butte it was altogether a different […]

A Friend’s Teahouse

Inside view of JTea

J-tea stocks a variety of Taiwanese oolongs, as well as various black teas and mainland teas.  He also has a lot of unique teaware and antique pottery.

Feb 25 – Evening Update

Headlines: Baseball season opens…Cheshire shooting…New UofO Admissions Policy…HS Rodeo…School Layoffs…School Union Negotiations…Bank Robbery

Feb 25 – Morning Headlines

School Day?…De-Icer spraying…Blues Winner…River Rd Business update…Death Penalty…UofO Police Force

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