Morning Update – FEB 22


Headlines from around Eugene this morning:

Plan would revise ‘kicker’ use
Far-reaching constitutional revision would implement significant changes to Oregon’s tax rebate “kicker” law.
Abuse victim: ‘This is why women don’t come out and tell the truth’
A victim of sex abuse in Albany the target of vandalism.
Thousands rally for Ore. schools: ‘This is a crisis’
Thousands of teachers, parents, students, and education advocates rallied in Salem Monday for more state education funding.
Eugene utility may tank new sewage system
Utility officials in Eugene are considering scrapping a half-million-dollar wastewater treatment system after the new maintenance facility is proving to be finicky.
Toxic leak leads to lawsuit
A waste oil storage facility in Goshen has been shut down because of contamination with toxic PCBs. The facility’s operator is suing a nearby Eugene metal recycling yard.
Researcher says cycle tracks could increase biking safety, worth the expense
Studies have shown bicyclists are safer in protected bike lanes than in regular lanes.

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