Southeast Eugene Plays in the Snow


The Great and Awesome Blizzard of 2011 visited upon Eugene for all of 24-hours on Thursday left most feeling underwhelmed – those in North Eugene anyway. Most went on their merry way, going to work, school, or shopping as usual. For the few in South Eugene up near Spencer Butte it was altogether a different story.

An additional one-half to one-inch of snow made a significant difference as the snow continued to fall long after it had melted downtown. While co-workers and fellow students moaned about the extra workload, families took to the streets during the snow day to make the best of things.

Children and adults alike were out throwing snowballs, building snowmen and sledding down hills. Cats ran in fear of the shrieks of joy; dogs could be seen trying to capture snowflakes on their tongue.

As night began to fall the rain washed away the rain on the streets allowing the tired adults to head out for dinner and supplies. Nothing would stop the kids from playing.

Today, the snow still sits placidly on the roofs of houses, behind two-story homes, and in the yards where the sun has yet to show its face. The snowmen are gone and snowballs have become difficult to create out of slush. But as I finish this last sentence I can still hear the shrieks of joy as the last snowy hill is used by multiple sledders.

Kelly is a mom of two perfect special needs kids who lives in southeast Eugene. A native Californian, she has taken to her adopted home with abandon and looks forward to infusing her family-centric slant on life in every word she writes.

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