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March 2011

Recycling the Planet, one bulb at a time.

Recently, my 4th grader brought home a report from school about saving energy. It talked at length about the benefits of switching from incandescent to fluorescent lighting. I remember seeing some articles awhile ago about fluorescent bulb recycling in Eugene/Springfield, but hadn’t thought much about it since. That is, until now.

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Baby get your boots on

In thumbing through my untouched copy of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce “Open for Business” an ad caught my eye. It posed the question: “What happens when you bring bankers, punk bands, ballerinas, lawyers, DJ’s, opera singers and poets together in one place? – find out April 2011.” Hey, its the internet, lets not wait till April.

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March 29 – Evening Update

Tim Chuey – its 50/50 tomorrow, Rainbow optics now a parking garage, Target-ing you with fresh produce, illegal immigrants granted in-state tuition, woman escapes RV fire, pot bust linked to Eugene, legalize pot rally, budget cut rally, HP fined for asbestos hazard.

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