March 21 – Evening Update


Cherry blossoms against dark clouds have a certain dramatic appeal. Here is the evenings update:

Tim Chuey weather update:
Still a chance of getting wet, but there will still be plenty of sunshine for your Tuesday.
Jury: Man not guilty in deadly robbery
As the coffee stand employee stepped outside to disarm a robber he had just shot, a second gunman raised a weapon and the gun battle continued.
Homeless registered sex offender missing in Eugene area
The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says a homeless registered sex offender with “severe mental health issues” failed to report for his scheduled parole visit on February 18. Officials say Michael Eastman, 26, may be in the Eugene area and should be considered dangerous.
UO prof interviewed for ’60 Minutes’ story on ‘The N-Word’
A University of Oregon professor appeared on “60 Minutes” Sunday as the news magazine explored the controversy over a new edition of “Huckleberry Finn” that substitutes “slave” for the N-word. — have you even seen Deadwood? -ed.
Feds propose doubling beaches protected for snowy plover
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to double the amount of West Coast beaches protected for a threatened shorebird in anticipation that sea levels will be rising due to global warming. –because waiting would make no sense. –ed.
Oregon man captured in Hawaii with teen girlfriend
Jordan Pratt, 20, and his 13-year-old teen girlfriend are tracked down at a resort in Hawaii after he helped her run away from home.
Oregon Senate votes to extend unemployment benefits
Oregon senators have unanimously approved a bill to prevent thousands of unemployed workers from losing benefits.
‘Kyron’s Law’ would require cameras at schools
A new digital petition is pushing for a law that require cameras at schools and on school buses.
Oregon pays for upkeep of prison closed to save money
Keeping a shuttered state prison in condition to reopen someday provides plenty of work for a small crew of Oregon corrections employees and inmate laborers.

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