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Saturday – Night on the Town

Tonights categories? Represent, To The Nines, and The Jan Show.

Tenure and the Common Man

A couple of rainy days ago as I was having coffee with a former business partner, I overheard a conversation at the next table.  Mind I wasn’t eavesdropping, the next table was close enough to bump with my elbow. It was one of those merry-go-round dialogs; building momentum with each comment, headed for a terminus […]

City Tax Supporters and Opponents go another round.

Has the win at any cost, open warfare in the United States Congress infected Eugene?

April 29 – Evening Update

End Of Watch 04-22-2011

Friday – Night on the Town

The Night on the Town selection was easy this Friday. Due to circumstances completely under our intrepid night life correspondents control, tonights selections are, well, semi-clear.   While our reporter prepares for Saturday nights selections, we were able to make out a couple of the groans:  if EDN was going out tonight it would be […]

Toomb’s New Releases for Friday 4/29

It’s Friday again, Toomb takes a look at what’s new in theaters.


Be it light or dark, in a keg or in a cup, Eugenians love beer and are showing it in a big way. The first annual Eugene Beer Week kicks off May 2nd and runs through May 8th.

April 29 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: wet today, Florence lends a blue hand, Kilcullen procession: 11am from Autzen, Kilcullen memorial service 2pm at MK Arena.

April 28 – Evening Update

Tim C: more rain, 9 poachers, funeral protest ban, car beam mishap, Biologist finds man, 4j closures, Heron vs powerline,

Thursday – Night on the Town

Thursday Night on the Town – Homebody: 16 Tons ++, Cabin Fever: Mike Watt, Let it Rain: Three Days of Rain, Locals Only: Avitia.

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