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EmX funding vote passes 8 to 1

Today’s EmX vote at the MPC meeting results in a passing vote with conditions.   Leiken’s motion, seconded by Piercy, was to move forward granting LTD authorization to apply for the funds, and go forward w/ the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) conditional on future approval after the EIS is done, of Eugene City Council, LTD Board & MPC.  Jay Bozievich noted that his office had been inundated with letters opposing the proposed EmX expansion and indicated he would vote no on the motion. “It makes no sense to spend another million dollars on environment analysis for EmX.”  Greg Evans indicated he would support the motion, but that his support was subject to change based on the results of the analysis.

The MPC Vote on 4/14/11:

Leiken: Yes
Bozievich: No
Lundberg: Yes
Wylie: Yes
Zelenka: Yes
Piercy: Yes

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