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May 31 – Evening Update

Tim Chuey: Rrrain, Vilsack rule stands, Quilters for Soldiers, Duii’s up this year, Senate Bill 424, carpool campaign challenge, accused murderer seeks release till trial, 4j contract negotiations…

Redefining Eugene’s Boundaries

This year, the Eugene City Council will redraw (redistrict) the existing eight city ward boundaries that are used to elect local City Councilors and Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB)¬†members. Every 10 years, in response to the results of the U.S. Census, the City Council adjusts¬†these boundaries to accommodate population changes and shifts. The first […]

The Vintage Arcade Museum

I loitered there soaking in the ambiance and listening to them greet everyone who came through the door, occasionally mentioning their new paint job, featuring light blue pin stripes in the style of Tron.

May 31 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: Rain, Eugene Police Calls map, low income housing, Duck cited for possession, Oregon School spending trails average

Memorial Day Headlines

Tim Chuey: some clearing, boating fines, St. Vincents laundromat, flyover wreck, delivery boy saves house, Marine Corps Tribute, Skype as birthing tool, Lane County Gov endangered, 5 injured in rollover, Wright details civic plan, Janitor jobs saved, texting punch out, victims rights ruling, execution stay battle…

Barista Bluff Doesn’t Make it to Bank

Possibly the most sought after job in the food industry, coffee making is no longer the simple drip ritual we once watched our fathers do daily, standing in the kitchen bleary eyed and sleepy, watching the cone filter drip drip drip.

Night on the Town – Saturday

NOTT: Tonights highlights come in the form of “Life’s and Adventure”, and “Crossing the Border”. You pick.

The Saturday Morning Post

Tim Chuey: more showers, Rv resort sale, theft, Datalogic layoffs, house fire, Model Airplanes…

May 27 – Evening Update

Tim Chuey: Showers, Bethel cuts but no layoffs, stroller recall, Florence man assault, Horse virus spreads, BPA ban revived, AAA gas prices.

Night on the Town – Friday

Spirits unfazed by todays unpredictable downpours, we suspect this is a good night to make sure you’ve got a designated driver, cab, or party bus to shuttle you safely around Eugene’s distributed party.

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