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FRIDAY – Night On The Town


Trying to find GOOD quality music in this town is a lot like trying to find a straight guy/gal in San Fransisco.  You know they exist… but WHERE?!

Mr. Wizard

Accepting an invitation of a friend, I went see MR. WIZARD at the Mohawk Tavern last night. This tavern seemed like it ought to to have peanut shells on the floor. Reminded me of a dive bar in L.A. I played at once. I’ve known many musicians who have sat in with this band over the years, but never heard the band.  I’m glad I finally heard these guys.  The band made up for the horrible server affectionately known by my friends as “Ms. I SUCK,” (I don’t ask, she doesn’t tell), I listened while the band played some Alice in Chains, Led Zepplin, even Loverboy.  The band was tight, and played well.  The crowd there seemed to enjoy dancing to the band instead of simply playing pool. The Tavern was a good place to hear live music and hang with friends.  Given the chance, go see Mr. Wizard.  You won’t be disappointed.

Sol Riot

Tonight will find me taking advantage of the $2 Jameson and Crater Lake Vodka shots starting at 10pm over at Luckey’s.  Sol Riot, while they’re not bad musicians, lead singer sounds like Phillip Oakey (lead singer for the band Human League) on morphine with a nail driven deep into his foot.  He does it well, if you like that kind of sound. I will buy a shot to the first person who posts otherwise here, who is not in the band that is.  Strum Theory will also be playing at Luckey’s.  I’m anxious to hear this band who has been touted as sounding like a sprinkle of Dave Matthews with a dash of Led Zeppelin.

Was going to stop by Happy Hours also since I’m out that way to hear the band Lost Highway.  Cool thing about this band is that I will know all the words to the songs they play!  They are a feel good band and do well.  Besides, I want to size up the room to see how Stephan McConnell’s band, FUNGI, will do there next Saturday night. Later my driver will take me over to Goodfella’s to listen to Monolith; hopefully they will be able to excite me.  If not who’s buying the shots?


Nancy grew up in Eugene, graduating from Churchill before heading off to the big city of Portland, and later on to Los Angeles, CA where she pursued her interests in event coordination. After 5 years she returned to Portland where she began her career as a music journalist. After writing for local and national publications Nancy started her own music magazine, Only Local Music, highlighting and promoting local musicians.
In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years.
Concurrently she sought out and pursued business management consulting and continued her own business, Navigation Consulting. With over 20 years experience managing every kind of business imaginable Nancy has been fortunate enough to further engage her purpose of helping others to helping business owners actually grow their business.
Returning to her other passion, promoting music as well as musicians, Nancy continues to write about music and band across the state.

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