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Saturday – Night on the Town

Let's roll!

On my quest to find some good music, I was forced to send out the EDN street team to capture some of the happenings.  Reporting back, the lead singer for the band Lost Highway, Janet Little, sang off key most of the night! So they ended up headed over at Good Fellas, where the band Monolith, were very metal; when they weren’t on an extended break that is.  And then they headed off to catch the band Van Wenda, over at the Black Forest who were very up tempo rock, but didn’t quite cut it for the street team.

Despite this muggy wet day, I think tonight will be a good night to catch some talented musicians. I’m going to have to get the itinerary to the driver early to make sure all the rounds are made as there’s plenty to see tonight!

The Downside UP

First off, we’ll start with a jaunt back to Happy Hours to see guitarist, Gregory Glass (no relation) to perform in his band, DOWNSIDE UPHis vocals are kind of sultry. Gives me goose bumps every time I hear him.

Then it’s off to catch Ty Curtis at Mac’s.  I caught him playing at Roadhouse 101 over in Lincoln City earlier this year.  If you like guitar players who can tear it up and make it look effortless… Ty Curtis is the man.  He plays guitar as smoothly as Eric Clapton with a smile as infectious as James Brown. Trust me, you will dance!

Ezra Holbrook

Over at Luckey’s the man with the coolest name in the business is playing… Ezra Holbrook.  Not only is the cover only $5, but tonight’s drink specials are $2 Jameson – $2 Jameson from 10:00 to 11:00pm. $2 Featured Micro From 9pm to Midnight.  You’ll have to ask the bartender what the Featured Micro is tonight after 8pm. This brilliant singer/songwriter, who is slated to perform at 10pm, has had his hands in so many musical pies, it’s amazing he’s playing such an intimate club.  He was one of the founding members of the Decemberists, played in the band Dr. Theopolis and currently is in the band Minus 5, as well as Casey Neill & the Norway Rat, who takes the stage after Holbrook tonight.  Holbrook released his solo CD earlier this year, in February, entitled “Save Yourself.”  His voice is reminiscent of the singer/songwriter JUDE with a splash of FIONA APPLE thrown in on the songwriting side.  I can’t wait to hear him sing the title track “Save Yourself.” Holbrook’s songwriting skills are at their height here.  The palpable emotion will reverberate in your soul.   “I need you to be ok.  So just save yourself, save yourself… from me.”

If I can tear myself away from Luckey’s, (no promises here at all) I will head over to The Whiskey River Ranch to catch Concrete Cowboys.  Yes, they are a country band, but they are GOOD.  Besides, I have to see for myself why in 2010 this band was the winner of The Outstanding Achievement Award in Country Music at the Portland Music Awards.  Their song “Cold Girl and Warm Beer” sounds like something you’d hear on the radio already!

Ok, off to my closet to find something that makes me look like I live here.  I’ll make my way to the Church of Shari’s around 4am.  Don’t call me in the morning.

Nancy grew up in Eugene, graduating from Churchill before heading off to the big city of Portland, and later on to Los Angeles, CA where she pursued her interests in event coordination. After 5 years she returned to Portland where she began her career as a music journalist. After writing for local and national publications Nancy started her own music magazine, Only Local Music, highlighting and promoting local musicians.
In 2008 she was the master mind behind the online music magazine, Oregon Music News, Oregon's Only Online Music Magazine. Cultivating several alliances with organizations such as Music Millennium, The Portland Jazz Festival, the Waterfront Blues Association, The Mississippi Street Fair, and like groups, Nancy quickly grew the fresh start up from a mere idea to fruition within the scope of two years.
Concurrently she sought out and pursued business management consulting and continued her own business, Navigation Consulting. With over 20 years experience managing every kind of business imaginable Nancy has been fortunate enough to further engage her purpose of helping others to helping business owners actually grow their business.
Returning to her other passion, promoting music as well as musicians, Nancy continues to write about music and band across the state.

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