Groups Dispute Over "Dear LTD" Facebook Page

By Kate Renner


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Facebook community page named “Dear LTD” is causing quite a stir with LTD riders.


The page was created as a place for riders to share their experiences aboard public transit.


But now LTD wants the page to change its name.


According to Lane Transit District, the “Dear LTD” Facebook page’s name caused some confusion.


In order to clarify that this page is not affiliated with LTD, they’ve changed the name to “Dear Lane Public Transit, can you hear me now?”


According to the page administrator, the public forum in no way is affiliated with, or represent LTD.


But LTD’s request to change the site from a page to a group also created a backlash.


“We’re not going to change the page into a group. Our opinion is LTD is trying to limit our exposure. They’re not happy that a lot of their dirty laundry is being aired on our Facebook page,” said Michael Weber, “Dear LTD” Administrator.


But a Lane Transit District administrator says the page is against Facebook’s policy that only official representatives of an organization can create a page and says, “LTD is not interested in limiting free speech. However, we feel the Dear LTD page can cause confusion for riders who have legitimate questions for LTD.


The people behind “Dear LTD” now have a blog at in case Facebook removes their page.

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