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Saturday – Night on the Town

Not sure if this is good news or bad news… I’ll let you decide.  I just got wind that the owner’s of the Wetlands and The Pour House have canceled their live music for the next couple months.    Hopefully its temporary.  These 2 clubs share the same owner. The owner had a meeting with the managers and entertainment promoter and said there was to be no live music booked for July and August.   Hmmm… this can’t be good!

Tom Heinl

Last night was a pretty good night to hear live music… even if you didn’t go to the Country Fair.  There must have been something put in the water here in Eugene because I swear all night bands got started late. I know it’s part of the ‘job’ and all, guess it just leaves more time for drinking!
Over at Sam Bond’s Garage Tom Heinl stole the evening with his ingenuity, wit and a guitar.  I had never heard of Tom prior to last night.  But upon getting to Sam Bond’s, the place was brimming with folks who knew all the words to such Heinl classics as “Christmas Tree’s on  Fire” and “I’ve had Everything.”
Heinl’s voice bellows out much like Johnny Cash with just as much spunk and verve that you wouldn’t expect from a seemingly mild-mannered man.  Much like a lighted match Heinl explodes with originality when he sang a song written by Shel Silverstein about the father of a Boy named Sue. Talent is too short of a word to describe Heinl. It’s his uncanny ability to tap into the bloodstream of each of his listeners with lyrics that ring true in their thoughts.  Trust me, no one would admit to drunk driving in the day, but with lyrics from the Tom T. Hall song, “I Love”  ” I love clowns when they smoke. Funeral jokes, drunk driving in the day and TV trays.
I don’t think I have had so much fun watching a performer in over 10 years.  I did get a bit nervous thinking of just how Heinl comes up with his material… you know, the inspirational element.  Hope to, one day, get that question answered.

Jeff Martin

Another talented singer songwriter that is performing tonight at Cozmic Pizza is Jeff Martin. Touted as a “rising star” in the folk/american genre Martin, has only been playing guitar for about 6 years now and sounds a lot like a cross between Sean Mullins and John Mayer.  The naked emotion captured in his songs accompanied only by the six-strings he plays puts the listener between this man’s ears and heart.  Intimate in nature, Martin, puts down in verse what we mere mortals can only think…
“I used to move the clouds around with my laughter.  I used to cut the trees down with my walk.  I used to spit into the sea of disaster while she threatened to sink me like a rock.”  One of my favorite Martin tunes is “Why Do I” which talks about how in nature things don’t stress out, so why should we over seemingly natural events.
Martin opens tonight for the solo appearance of Willie McEachern of Dreamdog.  McEachern will be accompanied by Joel Narva.  The webiste at Cozmic Pizza says the show starts at 8pm, but I would call to double-check.  Congrats to Martin for landing a spot in this year’s Sister Folk Festival in September!
These two singer/songwriters, Heinl and Martin are just like you or me… it’s their perspective that they are able to write down and share with the rest of the world that makes their skill unique and memorable.

We very fortunate to be in a town that has the woof and warp of greatness.

I’ll see you out there!

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