September 22 – Morning Headlines

You say he was heading for the ocean?
A multi-colored ball of light was sighted...


  • Residents report unexplained orb in western sky
    Several west Eugene residents reported seeing a large, multi-colored ball of light traveling across the western sky toward the Pacific Ocean earlier this evening. The callers’ descriptions of the object’s color ranged from yellow-green to blue-gree…
  • Oakridge Mayor Speaks Out After Recall Election
    The unofficial votes are in for Oakridge’s special recall election Tuesday.   The three Oakridge city councilors and the town’s mayor will stay in their positions.   And now the mayor is speaking out about why he says this election was wrong.  …
  • County’s annual fleet auction starts Thursday
    For those who have always dreamed of owning their very own Lane Transit District bus or law enforcement-issue Crown Victoria, Thursday may be your lucky day. Beginning Thursday and running through Saturday, the Lane County Fleet Services Division will …
  • Delta Ponds Bridge Wins National Award
    A Eugene bike and pedestrian bridge has received national recognition.   The Federal High Administration awarded the bridge the 2011 Environmental Excellence Awards For Excellence in Nonmotorized Transportation.   The bridge straddles…
  • ODOT says road projects may need to be cut September 21, 2011
    Oregon transportation officials say they may have to scale back plans for highway work because revenue from the gasoline tax is coming in slower than expected.

Tim Chuey Weather:

We’ll end the week in real Summer style as we welcome Autumn Friday morning. Big change by the end of the weekend.

high pressure ridge (“Arch” shape) has settled in across the Pacific Northwest giving us a pretty stable mild weather pattern. A weak front will move through the Northern reaches of Oregon, but the rain should stay to our North through today. The Autumnal Equinox occurs at 2:05 AM PDT Friday, but it will still feel like late Summer. We could see some precipitation pushing through the Pacific Northwest by the end of the weekend into early next week as a frontal system moves in Sunday.

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Partly cloudy today and tonight, AM clouds, mostly sunny Friday, partly cloudy Friday night, mostly sunny Saturday, becoming mostly cloudy Saturday night with a slight (20%) chance of rain late highs 85-80 lows 56-52 and back up to 56 Saturday night. Mostly cloudy with a (40%) chance of rain Sunday, a (30%) chance of rain Sunday night, a slight (20%) chance of rain Monday, a (40%) chance of rain Monday night and Tuesday, then partly cloudy with  a slight (20%) chance of rain Tuesday night and Wednesday highs 76-70 warming to 79 by Wednesday lows 55-50. (seasonal averages high 75 low 46)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

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