Vandals caught in the Act

The iconic Springfield portal statue vandalized...for a good cause.

Kelly Asay, EDN

Blue paint everywhere; hands, arms, hair, even a couple of spiders, where are the police when you need them.  In this case the vandals had theirs, and Mayor Lundberg’s blessing; all in the name of Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Prostate cancer is to men what breast cancer is to women – untreated it’s a death sentence.  It’s also no less intrusive to have tested. Given our propensity as men to ignore pain, delay visits to the doctor and generally refuse to be treated for all but the most egregious injuries, sometimes we have to be reminded that this qualifies as a “don’t mess around” kind of problem.

The risk of prostate cancer is generally considered low prior to age forty, after age forty, most physicians recommend an annual prostate exam. If prostate cancer is developed and not caught in the early stages there can be serious medical issues. At worst, prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body and lead to death.

OUF - it means more than just a gloved hand.

Lets put this in perspective: According to EDN site analytics at the time this was written, more than 850 of you reading this article will die of prostate cancer. If you don’t get it checked and catch it early that is; based on historical averages and data, that number goes to 9 deaths from prostate cancer. That’s right, 9.  Brothers, If you haven’t been screened since you turned 40, or been checked in over a year, put down the mouse, pick up the phone and set an appointment right now.  You can finish the article when you’re done.

The continuing success of the breast cancer awareness campaign has inspired a dedicated local effort at prostate cancer awareness: time for the blue ribbon folks.  The Oregon Urology Foundation thought these statistics were important enough that they’ve tried to bring it to the community in a memorable and highly visible way – the repainting of the Springfield pioneer statue to prostate blue.


Spread the blue.

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