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October 2011

Albany faces a one million dollar budget gap

The city of Albany will have to make some serious cuts in the midst of a major budget crisis. They’re facing a one million dollar hole in this year’s property…

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It dried out just in time for the kids to enjoy “Trick-or-Treating” and it will remain dry through early Wednesday, then we return to wet weather with a couple of short breaks.

________________ It’s time for my new weekly weather quiz question. Here it is. About 7,700 years ago Oregon’s 12,000 ft. tall Mt. Mazama erupted and its caldera collapsed. The caldera filled with water to become the second deepest (1,958 ft.) lake in North America. How long did it take to fill the caldera and form […]

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Cliff Harris, family may challenge one driving violation

While Duck fans patiently wait for the final decision surrounding junior Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris’ @@checked@@future on the team, his family in the meantime is looking to defend him against at least one of three citations he received last week on Oct. 24.

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Man goes to jail twice in two days

Roseburg police were busy this weekend, arresting the same man twice in two days, along with making a big marijuana bust and arresting another man at the same house.

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‘She’s alive!’ Woman, 86, survives 3 nights in woods

Searchers followed faint cries for help and found an 86-year-old woman alive Saturday morning after she spent three nights alone outdoors about a half mile from her home.

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Lane Electric Co-Op cuts rates 21% for a month

The board of Lane Electric Cooperative approved a 21 percent rate reduction for one month, which could save some customers $33 on their December bill.

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Inside Outlaw: Jack-O-Lanterns on Broadway

Scottie Z heads down to the amazing Jack-O-Lanterns on Broadway display down at Kesey Square. This annual Halloween-based charity event is designed to help raise money for homeless services.

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October 31 – Morning Headlines

Tim Chuey: cooling down, Springfield fire, W11th crash, Camper warnings, Halloween weekend citations, Kilcullen memorial spruce up, Delma Kollar 114, Duck sports updates

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