Coats for Kids

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Time for a new coat? You aren’t alone. In fact, prepare to be shocked at how many others are in the same boat. Try 1600 plus. The big difference is they can’t get their own replacement, and more importantly, they often times don’t even have one to replace. If it weren’t for the Valley River Center, State Farm Insurance, and the Active 20/30 club, our chance as a community to help out would have passed us by.

For the 8th consecutive year, the Active 20/30 Club held their “Coats for Kids” drive; an effort that supports 12 agencies that in turn support the homeless and poor in our community. This year the program ran from September 19th through November 4th; last Friday. With more than 1600 requests for coats, the program found itself short by half – the little half. Not in numbers, but sizes. The majority of coat orders that they were unable to fill were the sizes for infants to elementary school age kids, more than 800 of them.

“We would have ended our drive far short of what was needed if it wasn’t for The Valley River Center.” said Shalena Jones, chairperson for this years drive. “VRC offered to host an additional collection for us this Saturday (November 12) that we hope will make the difference” Jones said.

In addition to the VRC’s offer to host, sponsor State Farm has stepped up with a financial donation and groups like “Look Me In The Eye” are also rallying to the cause.

Over the last 8 years the Active 20/30 club has collected and distributed an estimated 7500 coats in Lane County. No gently used kids coats in your house? No kid coats at all? Not to worry, the Active 20/30 club accepts donations and gift cards as well. In fact you can pick up a gift card if you like right behind the collection spot at VRC. How can you not?

The Active 20-30 Club United States and Canada provides young adults with the opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs of the children in its local community. 84 Years of Service in Eugene, Oregon