November 2 – Morning Headlines

Occupy begins new migration...if you move more than once are you just playing with it?
Occupy begins new migration...




  • UO gave out nearly $5 million in equity raises
    The University of Oregon gave out almost $5 million in special one-time raises earlier this year as it worked to reach a decade-old goal of moving its faculty and administrative salaries more in line with its competition in the national higher educatio…
  • Oregon Average Gas Price Drops Two Cents a Gallon
    Gas prices in Oregon dropped two cents a gallon last week.   The state average now sits at $3.77.   In the Eugene-Springfield area, the average is $3.79.   The national average is $3.43.   The state with the most expensive gas for t…
  • Eugene Leaf Collection Begins Next Week
    The first round of leaf collections in Eugene will begin next week.   Leaves must be piled up on the street away from parked cars and storm drains and curbs.   You’re also supposed to wait to put the leaves in the street until a week …
  • City of Eugene looks to composting to reduce carbon emissions
    Restaurants may want to think twice before throwing eggshells or leftover meat in the garbage. In the coming weeks, the city of Eugene will begin its new “Love Food, Not Waste” campaign to give businesses incentive to participate in food waste comp…
  • Levi Strauss Named Eugene Business of the Year
    You might not even realize that it’s in Eugene, but jean company Levi Strauss just got a big award for its office in the city.   It’s a little tucked back on Chad Drive, but the Levi Strauss office might become a little more well known after…

Tim Chuey Weather:

Autumn weather is taking hold so be prepared. The Studded tire season has officially begun, but please don’t use them until it is necessary.

High: 58
Low: 33
Rain: 20% early, 100% later

For the rest of the week into the weekend another upper air trough of low pressure (“U” shape on yellow line) off shore and a series of frontal systems will keep the chance of precipitation around. Mountain snow levels will fall well below pass levels making for slippery roadways by Friday. A REMINDER: We will go back to Standard time NEXT WEEKEND (officially at 2 AM Sunday November 6th).

Forecast for the Southern and lower Mid Willamette Valley including Eugene-Springfield and Albany-Corvallis: Partly cloudy with patchy fog this AM, mostly cloudy with a slight (20%) chance of rain this afternoon, evening rain, showers late tonight (0.25 in. of rain possible) and Thursday AM, showers with a slight (20%) chance of thunderstorms (small hail possible) in the afternoon(0.25 in. of rain possible), showers likely (60%) Thursday night, a slight (20%) chance of showers Friday, then mostly cloudy with a (30%) chance of showers Friday night highs 58-48 lows 36-33 back to near 35 Friday night. Cloudy with  a good (50%) chance of rain Saturday, showers likely (60%) Saturday night and Sunday, a  good (50%) chance of showers Sunday night, a (40%) chance of showers Monday, then a good (50%) chance of showers Monday night and Tuesday highs 47-50 lows near 40. (seasonal averages high 57 low 39)

Because weather forecasting is a combination of science, intuition, and timing there can be no absolute guarantees that individual forecasts will be 100% accurate. Nature is in a constant state of flux and sudden unexpected weather events can happen.

Keep Current on the Weather:

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Autumn weather is taking hold so be prepared. The Studded tire season has officially begun, but please don’t use them until it is necessary.

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