Television Sets Fire in Whiteaker

It was a close call for residents in a Eugene apartment complex when a television went up into flames Saturday morning.

It happened at the Birchwood Apartments in the Whiteaker neighborhood.

Resident Chelsy Abbott said she was home watching a movie when her television caught fire.

Abbot said the fire alarm to the entire complex had gone off around 9 a.m., but the fire department had to be called to the scene by another resident and didn’t arrive till just after 11.

By then, Abbott and some friends had put out the fire themselves.

Abbott said, “I lost my Macintosh laptop and a few other things, but I’m really blessed that everybody else was safe in the whole apartment. If we weren’t there, everything could have went up.”

No one was hurt. Firefighters said this incident is a good reminder to make sure your fire alarm is working.


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