Buster Blue returns to Eugene


Buster Blue has a unique sound that’s hard to fit into a specific musical genre. Bluegrass twang infused with an indie flare is one way to describe a few of their songs. However, Buster Blue’s musical range is deep and goes well beyond the aforementioned description. You could listen to one song and feel like a cowboy sitting around a campfire in the wild west. Other tracks will leave you wondering why their music isn’t on any movie soundtracks yet.

“We’re excited to be playing in Eugene again,” Andrew Martin, of Buster Blue said in a phone interview.

Buster Blue has played here more than a few times and the band plans to do something different this time around, like they do in all their shows.

“For us it’s not just playing music for people, it’s putting on a show and making them feel part of something. Making every show special.” Martin said. “If somebody was coming and seeing 10 of our shows in a row, every one (of the shows) would be different.”

“It’s our take on the Americana tradition of being folk with jazz and blues but updated a hundred years from when it was popular,” Martin said. “We’re coming from so many angles our influences range from Tom Waits to Radiohead to early hip-hop to modern classical composition.”

Buster Blue consists of Andrew Martin, Bryan Jones, Andrew Martin, Brendon Lund, Jay Escamillo, and Rachael McElhiney. Each one of them plays at least 3 instruments during a show, and they switch the instruments around. During a recent show in Ventura, Cali. they had counted up 21 instruments on tour. However, their trademark is the chain & bucket. It consists of a bucket with a chain inside of it, and they kick it across the stage.

“It makes a really cool sound,” Martin said about the chain and bucket.

The band gets its name from a dream that Bryan Jones had about a fictional cowboy. Together, Jones and bandmember Jay Escamillo named the cowboy Buster Blue. The rest is history.

Buster Blue has been playing together for 4-years now and they’re just getting started. The Reno, Nevada based band had a breakout year in 2011 with the release of their first full length album, “When the Silver’s Gone”, and 160 shows across the western United States. They’ve been so busy with their tours they haven’t had more then two weeks off at home for the last two years.

“When the Silver’s Gone” was recorded at the historic Piper Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada. Martin’s high school choir had performed there so he knew firsthand how great music sounds in this building.

“It has great natural reverb. Just the whole ambience of the whole building is amazing,” Martin said. The album has a very unique sound.

This July Buster Blue will be releasing a 5-track EP that was recorded over a 24-hour period at a friends house in Reno. In the fall they plan on working on another full length album.

On May 30th at 9pm Buster Blue will be performing at Sam Bond’s Garage. Their albums “This Beard Grows for Freedom” and “When the Silver’s Gone” are both available for purchase on iTunes.

Photos Courtesy of Alex Lemus.

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