Local MC Librado Biasca’s Mixtape Release

The cover art for Cassanova Fresh & the 88's Mixtape. Photo Courtesy of Librado Biasca

— Kevin Baird, EDN

“Hip-hop resonated with me,” Librado Biasca says as as he leans against some railing in front of DJ Crown’s house.

It’s a warm Friday afternoon and Labrido and DJ Crown are working on Labrado’s new Cassanova Fresh & the 88’s Mixtape.  He says that as a kid he used to spend long nights watching breakdancing films his cousin, Mooncricket, had made. The music in those movies inspired him, and the dancing did too. He started rapping and dancing in elementary school.

DJ Crown (left) and Librado working on the mixtape at Brimstone Sound

The 25 year old explains how growing up in Dallas had it’s ups and downs for Librado. A local artist named Accomplice asked Librado to dance at one of his shows. Becoming tight with Accomplice was Librado’s ticket into the recording studio where he was able to come out with his first mixtape. On the downside the drugs and crime in Librado’s life were becoming too much.

“I became someone I didn’t want to be.”  Librado says. In 2010 he made a prayerful decision to move up to Eugene, where his father lives, and start from scratch.

On Monday May 20 Librado Biasco will be releasing the Casanova Fresh & the 88’s Mixtape and performing with the C-4 crew during the intermission of Bartender Wars at Whiskey River Ranch. The first 50 people to enter the show at Whiskey River Ranch on Monday night will recieve a hard copy of Librado’s mixtape. The mixtape will also be also be available to download digitally at libradobiasca.bandcamp.com.

DJ Crown (left) and Librado (right) working on the mixtape at Brimstone Sound

This mixtape will be Biasca’s third. The second one he made was lost during the move to Eugene and was never distributed.

Librado takes me into DJ Crown’s studio, Brimstone Sounds, where DJ Crown mixing the sounds for the mixtape his computer and turntable.

“It’s tight,” DJ Crown says referring to the mixtape. “It’s my first time listening to it right now.” DJ Crown has been collaborating as a classic DJ and MC duo with Librado for about 6 months now.

“Eugene is in need of MCs that have something to say.” He believes that Librado is the answer.

The cover art for Cassanova Fresh & the 88's Mixtape. Photo Courtesy of Librado BiascaAfter Introducing me to DJ Crown, Librado explains what will be on the mixtape. It starts out with  lighthearted party vibe music.

“From there we’ll be going into some showcasing of my lyrical skill, with classic hip hop tracks like ‘Grindin’ by The Clips. And that will work its way in to the more in depth, more personal more lyrical content. We jacked this Justin Beiber track called ‘Boyfriend’ and made that an anthem for estranged fathers, just telling my story, about what I’ve been through in being away from my son and working my way towards being a more permanent fixture in his life. I thought it was fun to take something that was a bubble-gum pop-record and turn it into something with a deeper meaning and give a voice to the unspoken feelings that a lot of young men deal with.” Librado said.

One of Librado’s biggest influences is James Brown. 

“I don’t know how many people my age  would get a James Brown album for Christmas as a kid and be stoked.” He says. “I liked anybody who could paint a cool picture of their local environment, like Wu-Tang Clan and Tupac.” He also mentioned Jay-Z and the Beastie Boys as influences.

As an MC and musician Librado has performed opening acts for Young Jeezy, Slaughterhouse, and many others. Recently he’s had gigs at the Cowfish and MC Whiskey River Ranch.

Librado is also a professional hip-hop dancer. Among other clients he has worked for Pepsi and Wal-mart. Currently he is a member of the C-4 Crew, which is a local hip-hop dance crew. Librado also teaches dance classes at The Reach Center.


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