New Proposal For Jeppesen Acres Road

Jeppesen Acres Road might look like a lazy street, but at times homeowners along Jeppesen Acres say it looks more like a highway.

“You know there are a fair number of people that lose track and may not pay attention and are going faster than the speed limit,” said resident Nathan Svejcar.

According to the Eugene Public Works Department past studies show vehicles are traveling beyond the posted speed limit on Jeppesen. There have been reports of cars traveling in excess of 50 m.p.h.

“I live on a street that people use as a pass through and I live in a neighborhood. I want my neighborhood back,” said resident Annie Fischer.

Residents were informed of a new proposal on Wednesday evening.

There will be seven, three inch speed bumps installed down the repaved section of Jeppesen Acres Road.

The city needs input before any of this can happen.

“We would like to hear from more people about their opinion on if they are for or against this proposal. We would like to hear from more people before we make a decision,” said Eugene Transportation Planning Engineer Christopher Henry.

The city says it will not cost homeowners any extra money, which does have some in favor of the plan.

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