Tracktown Race Results: Eugene Women’s Half Marathon and More


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Silvan Ridge Twilight 5K

There were 114 racers (77 female, 37 male) who competed in the Silvan Ridge Twilight 5K on Saturday the 18th with a wide variety of results. Robert Wayner (5:30 pace) finished in first place with a final time of 17:04, 30 seconds ahead of Thomas Kreuzpeintner who finished in second place with a time of 17:34. Diza Hiles came in ninth place overall, and first for female competitors with a time of 22:18. Average race finish was 32:14.


Kelly Butte Classic

Zack Kennedy (6:04) took first place with a time of 30:09 and a slight edge over Bradley Ferner (6:05) who finished a close second place at 30:15 in the 8k. Emily Dimick (7:55) finished with the top score for female competitors at 39:18. Sebastian Foy, who competed in the men’s under 10 age group finished with an incredible time of 37:35 and good enough for ninth place out of 38. The average time was 45:23. Karan Singh (6:11) finished in first with a final time of 19:10 in the 5k. Kassidy Lane (6:20) came in second with a time of 19:39. Mindy Woody (7:43) was the first female competitor to cross the finish line at 23:57. Average race time was 39:31.


Triathlon Eugene: Oregon Challenge

Men, women and youth competed across multiple events in the 2012 Eugene Triathlon. David Garcia finished the top score in the Olympic Men’s event with a time of 2:15:56. Whitney Dotson finished in first place in the Women’s division with a final time of 2:32:22.

Events in the triathlon include sprints, relays and more. Click the photo for complete results.


Eugene Women’s Half Marathon

An incredible 840 women competed in the 2012 Eugene Women’s Half Marathon Kate MacTarvish (6:34) finishing in first place with a final time of 1:25:50. Sheena Dahlke (6:38) finished in second place, crossing the finish line at 1:26:42.

Despite the name, 20 men participated in the event as well. Adam Herrerra (6:31) finished the race in 1:25:13, ahead of Matthew Collins (6:57) who came in second place at 1:30:51.

The women’s division averaged a time of 2:27:42 while the men averaged 2:07:00.


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