LCC to Debut Faculty Art Show on Sept. 24

This year's exhibit, entitled "Self," will feature artwork by the college's Art and Applied Design faculty.
The Art and Applied Design faculty members have been asked to share work that exemplifies their individual art careers.

The Lane Community College (LCC) Art Gallery is gearing up to present its annual fall exhibit. This year’s exhibit will feature artwork by the college’s Art and Applied Design faculty.  Both full-time and part-time instructors will have the opportunity to share their work. This work will include a wide variety of media, including watercolor paintings, stone carving, bronze sculptures, and computer art — just to name a few.

While there is not a set theme for the show, an emphasis has been placed on personal expression. The faculty has been asked to share work that exemplifies their individual art careers. Jennifer Salzman, Chair of LCC’s Art Gallery Committee, explains this theme:

“A lot of our students only see one side of our faculty as far as being the professors and they don’t always think of the faculty as artists with art careers as well. So we’re encouraging them to show that side to their students and the public — exemplify who you are as an artist.

Past themes for faculty shows have ranged from serious to humorous. Last year the theme was “Self-Portraits.” A previous theme was “Bunny Show,” where all the pieces had to somehow include a bunny or rabbit in them. Salzman says,

“We try to alternate each year. So this year is a general piece. Next year is a sketchbook show. We’re going to encourage the faculty to open their sketch books and show students how they plan and prepare for pieces.”

LCC’s gallery began operating 42 years ago with the purpose of offering experiences of art to the campus community as well as to the greater metropolitan area.

LCC’s gallery just began its 42nd year of operation. The purpose of the gallery is to offer experiences of art to the campus community as well as to the greater metropolitan area. The gallery thus both provides exhibitions for the general public as well as creates educational opportunities for the students to work on and display their art. Salzman explains,

“Each year we dedicate spring term to students. We start off with high school students, then we do a show for our own students, then we have graduation shows. Fall and winter terms we have visiting national and international artists. We try to show work that helps support the curriculum that our art faculty is teaching. A lot of our students don’t have access to seeing contemporary work. So this way students have that work right there to look and not have to make a separate trip to a distant gallery.”

The show will run from September 24 through October 11. A reception will be held on Thursday, October 4, from 5:30–7:00 p.m. Both the reception and the show are free and open to the public. The art gallery is located at Building 11 on LCC’s Main Campus at 4000 E. 30th Avenue.

For more information, visit the gallery’s website at or call the Art and Applied Design Department at 541.463.5409.

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