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Chris Anderson

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Rare Monk

Rare Monk

Indie Alt Rock Fusion

Rick Buhr – Drums
Forest Gallien – Bass
Dorian Aites – Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Issac Thelin – Violin, tenor sax
Jake Martin – Guitar

The crew of Rare Monk getting set for a gig. Photo courtesy of Rare Monk.

Fresh off their latest EP Death By Proxy, Rare Monk has been showcasing their talents all along the West Coast as they get prepared to launch their next full album, their first since Astral Travel Battles.

Though many classify this band in the Indie category, Rare Monk is also very experimental with their sound. At times resembling the sounds of Modest Mouse, Rare Monk experiments with the fusion of Indie with other genres such as alternative and rock. Composed of five members, this band from Eugene, Oregon uses a variety of instruments (including the violin and saxophone) to create a unique sound that keeps their audience wanting more.


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