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Members of The Great Hiatum

The Great Hiatum

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The Great Hiatum

Multiple Genres

Melissa Randel – Vocals
Keith Randel – Guitar/Vocals
James Aronoff – Guitar
Max Miller – Bass
Travis Lein – Drums

Members of The Great Hiatum
The Great Hiatum brings a clash of styles to their music and performances. Photo courtesy of The Great Hiatum

If you’re looking to classify The Great Hiatum in just one genre, you’re going to have a tough time. In fact, classifying them in two genres is troubling as well. This band from Eugene prides themselves on being a little different, something that is evident from the approach they take when composing music. Instead of focusing on just one specific audience, the style of The Great Hiatum ranges from punk to alternative to indie to funk to a blend of everything mixed together. The variation in their music can be well illustrated by listening to the contrasts between Travis’ Song and Scary Situation. 

Whereas Travis’ Song has a much more relaxed and indie feel to the melody, Scary Situation incorporates an interesting play between lyrical beats while emphasizing a little more rock and funk to the music. Led by the vocals of Melissa Randel, these University of Oregon alums have become a prominent band in the Eugene area..


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