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Buffalo Wild Wings Coming to Springfield

Gateway Mall, once a struggling outlet mall looking to survive the recessions that recently plagued our nation, has seen a complete turnaround as of late. Vacant spaces are once again being leased, more traffic is heading into the area, and the Gateway strip is becoming one of the most frequented areas in Lane County.

Though there are still vacancies in the area, many open spaces are starting to be bought by businesses looking to rebound and make a statement in a new market; one example being the purchasing of the old Circuit City building by Walmart. As early as next year Walmart will be looking to turn this location into one of their Neighborhood Markets, oriented around being more of a grocery store than “typical” Walmart.

Another vacant building that will tentatively have a new occupant is the old Hollywood Video store located right near the entrance to the Gateway complex.

Gateway Mall will soon be the new location of a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Once one of the biggest renters of movies, Hollywood Video (previously headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon) saw their business collapse in 2010 when they fell victim to the online streaming and Redbox revolution, 22 years after the company was first founded in 1988.

In fact, all that’s left of Hollywood Video is a site dedicated to celebrity, entertainment, and movie rumors and reviews; a shade of what was once a very prominent company.

Since shutting down in 2009,the Hollywood Video lot at Gateway Mall has been left unoccupied despite its prime location right outside a big retail market.

That may soon change, however, as Buffalo Wild Wings is currently seeking the City of Springfield’s approval for their proposed building that will take over the unoccupied location right outside of the Gateway Mall.

Skip Sandgren, General Manager of Rouse Properties, the property owners responsible for the Gateway Mall, confirmed that the rumors about the vacant lot being purchased were true.

“The Hollywood Video building has been leased and the new tenant has submitted building plans to the city for approval,” explained Sandgren to an nquiry .

Sandgren also clarified who the next occupants would be.

“Yes it is Buffalo Wild Wings,” noted Skip when asked about whether or not the rumors about a Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Eugene were true.

Niel Laudati, Community Relations Manager at the City of Springfield, also confirmed that Buffalo Wild Wings will soon be in negotiation with the City.

“I can tell you that the City received plans for a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant to be built at the site,” mentioned Laudati when asked about the Hollywood Video vacancy. “The current vacant Hollywood Video building, shut down Oct 2009,  is being demolished.”

Though no monetary figures were commented on, the addition of Buffalo Wild Wings to the area should continue the revitalization of the Gateway Mall complex. Should negotiations go smoothly with the City of Springfield, the Buffalo Wild Wings will be the first in Lane County region, a welcomed addition for many residents who have been to one of their other locations.

Founded in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings is a national brand that has seen success by marketing sports and food together. The company prides itself on providing a quality game experience for fans who can watch the game while tasting great wings, hanging out with other fans, and having some spirits to heighten their mood.



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