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Lawsuit alleges coercion by IRS agent

A Fall Creek man alleges in a newly filed lawsuit that a female Internal Revenue Service agent coerced him into having sex with her after suggesting that the liaison could keep him out of tax trouble. Vincent Burroughs, 40, said Dora Abrahamson used her position with the IRS to sexually …

Man gets probation for illegal tattoos

An unlicensed tattoo artist who provided body art to underage girls was spared a jail sentence Thursday and instead will be on probation for 18 months. Brett Allen Breding pleaded guilty to three counts of tattooing without a license and one of advertising for tattoo services without a license. All …

Drug agents find $1M worth of drugs on bus

Drug enforcement agents in central Oregon found more than 23 pounds of heroin and methamphetamine with a street value of more than $1 million when they stopped a bus on…

Oregon gets slice of $121 million 46-state robo-signing settlement

One of the biggest U.S. mortgage processing companies has agreed to pay $121 million to resolve states’ claims that it wrongfully foreclosed on homeowners who should have been allowed to stay in their homes. The settlement agreements between Lender Processing Services Inc., based in Jacksonville, Fla., and 46 states, including …

We’re looking for a “Dry Spell” but it also comes with fog.

________________   Here is my new weekly weather quiz question. What is a “Tall-end Charlie?” Please remember to post your answer as a comment by clicking on “no comments /comments” in the upper right hand portion of this page under the caption, then add your comment. The first person to post the correct answer will […]

Police: Man shoots himself in the leg at Internet cafe

A Eugene man accidentally shot himself in the leg with a holstered gun Thursday afternoon while he was in the bathroom of a downtown Internet cafe, police said.

Oregon Struggling Without PG Artis

Oregon couldn’t keep its perfect season in conference play going. The loss of point guard Dominic Artis to injury proved to be too much.

Former American Sign Language instructor’s lawsuit against UO dismissed

Former American Sign Language instructor Peter Quint’s employment discrimination lawsuit against the University of Oregon was dismissed yesterday. In 2011, Quint was removed from the University after saying, “Do you want me to pull out a gun and shoot you in the head?” in response to students who had been talking and signing towards the […]

Blazers – Never A Dull Moment in the Second Half

Blazers’ Corner this week takes a look at this past week’s top performer, Lillard attending All-Star weekend and the tough road ahead for the team.

Wine Down Eugene

Having just returned from a long weekend trip up to Salem and Portland, reflecting on the past few days, which were filled with adventures in food and wine, has me yearning to return for more – it was an incredible getaway.

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