City Council Planning to Expand Urban Farming

Urban farming is quickly becoming an extremely economical and practical option for individuals across the United States. And, in an area such as Eugene, it is no surprise that this method of self-sustenance is beginning to expand and flourish.

The next steps in expanding the rules that currently govern urban farming in Eugene were taken on Monday night, when the Eugene City Council endorsed a measure that would increase the amount of animals allowed on a property.

The current code in place allows up to two adult rabbits or fowl over 6 months of age on properties less than 20,000 square feet. Under the new legislation those numbers would expand in both the variety of species allowed and numbers of those animals.

The new code, which was forwarded to be voted on next week, would allow two of the following: up to six chickens over six months of age and up to six chickens under six months of age, up to six rabbits over six months of age and up to six rabbits under six months of age, up to three mini-goats, one mini-pig, or up to three bee hives.

Domesticated fowl would also be allowed in place of chickens under the new code.

While there would be an increase in the amount of animals allowed on a property, the types of species allowed would still remain at two.

The City Council will take a final vote on the matter on February 20.

To read more about urban farming, and particularly that which takes place in Eugene, make sure to read Urban Farming: A Growing Movement.

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