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I’m generally a calm person. Very rarely will you see me visibly upset about anything. But there are two scenarios which cause me to “hulk out” if you will. One is watching a Blazer game and the other is an Internet connection that is either not working or is being really, really slow.

The Blazer eruption occurs just about every game, but the Internet problem only occasionally happens thanks to the fact that we live in 2013 where high-speed Internet exists. The days of firing up the old Acer computer, listening to the screeching, painful sounds of dial-up for what seems like forever, and using AOL to research my paper on great-white sharks are behind me thankfully.

Remember these discs?

So it came as a surprise to read this week that AOL’s dial-up subscription service is still raking in the dough and that in the fourth quarter of 2012, the company made more than $150 million off of it. In fact, despite dial-up business shrinking thankfully, it’s still producing about $500 million a year for AOL.

Can’t we live in a world where dial-up doesn’t exist anymore? I mean come on cable companies, think about the people living out in the sticks who have to wait 30 minutes to watch a YouTube clip of a cat playing the piano. I don’t want to live in a world like that. Last year a man literally fell from the edge of space and parachuted safely to the ground and we can’t have DSL anywhere we want? In the words of Seth Meyers, Really!!!

Netflix Instant Pick: Sleepless Night

As Sleepless Night opens, two masked men are attempting a drug heist. But as things usually go in these types of movies, the plan doesn’t quite work out. One of the drug carriers manages to get a glimpse of their faces. The two men are actually police officers. Vincent, a lieutenant on the force believes, despite being seen and having a fresh stab wound following the heist, that they’ve gotten away with it.

But if there’s one thing I know about a powerful mob boss/nightclub owner, it’s that you should never take their huge bag of coke. Vincent is oblivious to this risk and goes to work like nothing happened. Then he receives a call from Jose, the mob boss, who tells him he’s kidnapped Vincent’s son and wants his drugs back by the end of the night. This sets up an exhilarating 90 minutes of fight scenes and chases that combines the urgency of an hour of 24 with the visceral action of Die Hard.

Vincent has one mission and that’s to get the drugs to Jose and bring his son home. But we wouldn’t have a movie if it were that simple. Besides a mob boss, Vincent must also deal with competing drug dealers and fellow corrupt police officers looking to retrieve the drugs for themselves.

Sleepless Night
An exhilarating French thriller.

Borrowing the concept from the original Die Hard, Sleepless Night takes place almost entirely in one location. But instead of the many floors and elevator shafts of the Nakatomi Tower, the setting here is a labyrinthine nightclub full of long hallways, rude bartenders and lots and lots of people.

The decision to use a club as the backdrop of an action film is an interesting choice. WIth such a crowded atmosphere, the film creates a sense of claustrophobia that makes even getting from one side of a room to the next difficult. As Vincent frantically searches for his son, he’s constantly dredging through hoards of young hipsters and you never know when he’s going to run into the wrong person.

Aside from the club patrons being completely oblivious to all the violence going on around them, Sleepless Night is just about as good an action movie as there is. Mixing foot chases, gun fights and fist fights, the film always keeps you on your toes in the suspense department. One fight scene in a kitchen is one of the best ever put on film.

So if you don’t mind subtitles (it’s French people, a beautiful language), then check out this memorable action film what will undoubtedly be remade in America soon.

NBC has a bad week

Yesterday NBC pulled the proverbial plug on its Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde medical series Do No Harm after just two episodes. It’s a bit of a surprise it lasted that long considering the premiere episode was the lowest-rated in-season broadcast scripted series in modern television history. The series time slot will be replaced by repeat episodes of Law & Order: SVU for the next two weeks (as if SVU didn’t fill enough time slots on TV).

Do No Harm is DOA.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there for NBC. Christina Applegate announced she was thankfully departing from Up All Night; a show that was funny last year and then fell off a cliff in its second season. The lower quality and ratings prompted production to be halted and the show was to be turned into a studio-based sitcom.

This works out well for everyone really. Applegate can now focus entirely on reprising her role as Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman 2 and Will Arnett as Gob Bluth can practice his magic tricks for the revitalized Arrested Development.

To say it’s been a bad year for the National Broadcasting Company would be a massive understatement. With shows like Whitney, Deception, 1600 Penn and some show about a doctor and a monkey, the 2012-13 season will not be remembered fondly. Oh and let’s not forget about The Office which is also finally and mercifully coming to an end. I miss Friends, Seinfeld and ER. Can we just see re-runs of those shows instead?







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