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rdtv-promoheaderFor 25 years I played by the rules of Television News, not anymore. We created Rick Dancer TV as way to market the video’s we shoot for our clients.

But Rick Dancer TV is turning into a game changer.

I don’t want to cut down the television industry because too many people read into that bitterness when that is not the case. So let me explain it as best I can and let you do with my words what you must. Right there, that’s what I can do now that I couldn’t do in the business. I can offer you my ideas, opinions, frustrations and joy and never have to apologize.

This month, we do an interview with Eugene Businessman Brian Obie who is proposing a huge new development in the Market Street District of Eugene. After the interview I climb up on a soapbox and encourage viewers to get involved in the process, not just those who disagree but those who like the idea of a development. I tell those who usually sit home and allow one group of people to run this community, to get off their butt and do something. I’m not cutting down the opponents; I think they have every right to comment. What I’m doing is saying the things I always wanted to say and that is that the rest of us also have to speak up if we ever want this community to change.

The media is changing. You, the consumer, have the power. Through social media and services like Youtube you can have a voice and I like that. I hope Rick Dancer TV encourages you, not to do as I do but to use your voice to better the place where you live. We can go on the edge and even over it just a little and still be credible and entertaining and yes, even inform you.

The game is changing and you are part of it. Now that is exciting.

As a reader of Eugene Daily News we would like to give you an early screening of our May show. Oh, and share your thoughts about it, even if you liked it.

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