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With countless new breweries formed every day across the country, large expansion projects, bottles and cans shipped across the world, rising profits and quarter sales goals, it’s easy to forget the root of craft and get caught up in the business that is beer.  But, on a small farm on a back road between Coburg and Harrisburg outside of Eugene, Agrarian Ales has brought it back to the earth-grown beginnings of craft beer.

Agrarian Ales is a hop farm and brewery located just 30 minutes outside of Eugene.
Agrarian Ales is a hop farm and brewery located just 30 minutes outside of Eugene.

Every Sunday I play in a city-league Ultimate Frisbee game.  After our last Sunday game it was too hot for our Oregonian dispositions and we were in desperate need of some R&R and a big pint of beer. So, dressed all in Tie-Dye (our team uniforms), we caravanned to check out the new brewery. Agrarian Ales is a very special place.  You feel instantly welcomed as you drive into to gravel lot and walk past the children hula-hopping and adults sipping on pints to order a beer from the chalkboard sign and taps pouring from their walk-in fridge.

The beer list at Agrarian is always changing.  Seasonal beers are actually defined by the seasons, since every beer is made with 100% organic hops grown on the farm.  If you head out there now, you may get a chance to taste the Indigenous Lager, one of the few Chile beers I actually like, or the Kashyyk, a Sasquatch tribute beer. Belegene, perhaps their most “popular” beer is the hoppiest beer you’ll find at Agrarian.  It’s a northwest or “Eugene” belgian style beer that I would highly recommend.  Often, it’s easy to get caught up the hop-intense trend of IPA’s and you forget to notice the other flavors that make beer great. At Agrarian you have time to sit back and enjoy the entire craft beer experience.  The hops are grown on their 25 acres and picked by hand.  I’m a firm believer that food made in love tastes better, and this beer is no different.

Playing Horseshoes while enjoying Agrarians "Field Bier"
Playing Horseshoes while enjoying Agrarian’s Field Bier.

With a beer in hand, the rest of the afternoon was an idyllic   I kicked off my shoes, played a few games of horse shoes, and enjoyed the company of friends on our picnic blanket as they munched on tacos made at a stand outside of the brewery.  Everyone at the farm was happy, friendly and having a good time.  I felt less like a consumer buying a product, and more like a family member at a summer barbecue. Supporting this hyper-local and organic farm and brewery is something that you can feel good about. Sipping beer right next to the source with your toes in the grass is truly the the key to slowing down and simply enjoying life.

Agrarian Ales is located at 31115 West Crossroads Lane, (don’t worry, it’s easy to find with or without an i-phone map).  They are open Friday from 3pm-8pm and Sunday from 12pm-7pm.



EDN's Beer Writer, Lana O'Brien, loves talking about beer as much as she loves drinking it. From bartending to home-brewing and now writing for EDN, she's on a mission to discover the best local craft beers. Follow along in her weekly column, Hopped Up, every Wednesday. Connect @lanaobrien.

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