Rick Dancer TV – June!

This is Eugene!

It’s seven in the morning, on a Sunday Morning and we are in Cottage Grove ready to shoot the intros and interviews for the June Rick Dancer TV show. There’s mist in the air and that is a real drag when you are shooting video. Scott Phillips and I have been in the business long enough to know you just make it work.

My phone rings. It’s my co-host Emma. Emma has a flat tire. She’s supposed to be here in an hour and there’s a giant screw stuck in the tire of her little “Emma Jeep.” She’s headed to her boyfriends to see if he can jack up her jeep so she can change the tire and the phone rings again, this time it’s Tim Chuey. You know Tim Chuey; he used to be the weatherman on KVAL. Now he has his own gig and was scheduled to come talk for Eugene Daily News about the big Dexter Lake 4th of July bash they’re helping put on.

Tim tells me he’s lost. He’s only been to Cottage Grove a couple of times and he left his directions at home (how many times have I done that?). In the end both show up we get our work done. Actually, Emma’s flat made the show more fun and it gave us one more thing to use against her in the future.

Perhaps next month, when we shoot the show from Coburg, we’ll take Emma out to the truck stop and have a trucker show her how to change a tire? (That’s Scott’s idea). I can just see it now. Emma, a young woman who is so jacked up she makes caffeine nervous, and the truck driver.
Here’s the show.
Hope you enjoy it and please, share it with your friends.

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