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Men’s Warehouse Guy Fired

There’s very few things a person can guarantee in life.  But George Zimmer managed to find one with his catchy line, “You’re gonna like the way ya look, I guarantee it,” in regards to a man purchasing and wearing a suit from apparel retailer Men’s Wearhouse.

For years Zimmer has observed and spoken (with his two packs-a-day/Scotch voice) about the appeal of wearing a nice suit.  No doubt drawing inspiration for The Most Interesting Man in the World, Zimmer has always appeared cool, calm and collected in those commercials.  I’d be fascinated to see his demeanor now after being ousted by his own company.

George Zimmer-Patrick Fallon:Bloomberg
George Zimmer | (Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg)

The Men’s Wearhouse Inc fired Executive Chairman Zimmer, the face of the company he founded 40 years ago, sending its shares down as much as 6 percent.

Men’s Wearhouse gave no reason for his dismissal but Zimmer accused the board of trying to silence him for expressing concerns about the direction of the company he started in 1973.

In a statement released by Zimmer, he expressed his disappointment over the board’s unwillingness to create an open dialogue on the future of the company.

“Instead of fostering the kind of dialogue in the boardroom that has, in part, contributed to our success, the board has inappropriately chosen to silence my concerns…”

Zimmer was president from 1974 to 1997 and chief executive from 1991 until June 2011 when he became executive chairman.  The company had seen sales rise by more than 5 percent in its most recent quarter so the news of Zimmer’s dismissal are a little puzzling.

Let’s be honest, all I really care about is whether or not we’ll get any more commercials from this guy.  According to reports, the company has the legal right to his image and 500 hours of footage.  You’re going to see more of Mr. Zimmer, I guarantee it.

Jerry Seinfeld Online Comedy Show Returns 

One of the best things going on the web is Jerry Seinfeld’s literally titled series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee The show is simple; Jerry chooses a vintage car, calls up a comedian friend of his for a cup of coffee, and documents the whole experience with cameras mounted in the car. 

Jerry Seinfeld-EW
Jerry Seinfeld | (Entertainment Weekly)

Episodes usually last for about 15 minutes and they consist of Jerry just having a casual conversation with a fellow comedian.  Sometimes they talk about comedy, sometimes they talk about lousy waiters and small dogs.  You know, nothing.  Despite the simplicity of the show, it’s endlessly fascinating and engaging.  Seeing Seinfeld and someone like David Letterman just walking down the street talking like a couple of regular fellas is a sight to behold.

Season one featured interviews with Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Ricky Gervais and Mel Brooks.  Episodes featuring Sarah Silverman and David Letterman have already aired in the second season and future guests include Chris Rock and Seth Meyers.

If you have 15 minutes, please check this out.  Instead of the usually scripted talk show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee offers an intimate and organic experience between two artists.  Plus the close-up shots of coffee being made is surprisingly enticing.  And this is coming from someone who doesn’t drink the stuff.

Netflix Instant Pick: A League of Their Own

When people talk about great baseball movies, the usual suspects include Pride of the Yankees, The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham and Major League.  I’d like to add 61*, Baseball: Ken Burns Documentary and The Sandlot to that conversation too if I may.

But another one that is often over-looked is Penny Marshall’s A League of Their Own.  Set during World War II, the film chronicles the real-life women’s baseball league that was formed at a time when baseball couldn’t afford to be absent.  Starring Geena Davis, Tom Hanks and Lori Petty, A League of Their Own is an entertaining and often funny team sports movie about sibling rivalry, friendships and the joy and hardship of baseball.

Davis and Petty play sisters from Oregon who are wooed by a scout to join the start-up league.  Loving the idea of playing baseball for a living, the pair quickly learn that it’s not all fun and games.  They must deal with an unruly manager (Hanks), gender stereotypes and a lack of fans.

A league of their own-imdb
A League of Their Own | (IMDB)

The film works because the cast is endlessly likable and the baseball scenes are entertaining and credible.  You really believe these ladies trained to play baseball.  Davis and Petty feel like real sisters and the rest of the team, including Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell, have memorable lines and scenes that raise their characters beyond one dimensional.

And then of course there’s Tom Hanks as the washed up Jimmy Dugan.  Hanks gained 30 pounds for this role and he’s never had more fun.  The classic “There’s no crying in baseball” scene is of course great, but there’s also great little moments featuring Hanks and Davis.  The Dugan character could have easily been played as nothing more than a drunken buffoon for comedic relief, but credit Marshall, the writers and Hanks for allowing Dugan to follow a real character arc throughout the film.

A League of Their Own truly is in a league of its own.  It’s surprisingly hilarious at times and full of heart and tenderness without ever seeming sentimental.  Plus it ends on a note that feels both unconventional and sweet.

Iron Man Robs Bank

Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr. finally settled contract disputes with Marvel and signed a two-picture deal to appear in two Avengers sequels.  However, it seems Iron Man couldn’t wait that long to get paid.

The same day Downey Jr. likely signed his contract, a man wearing an Iron Man mask robbed a bank in Florida.


According to Deadline, Flagler County Sheriffs say the 5-foot-4 gunman (maybe it was Scarlett Johansson asking for more money.  Or Mark Ruffalo.  Seriously, that dude is short) showed up in a Palm Beach Wells Fargo branch and demanded cash on Thursday afternoon.  Trading the cumbersome and heavy metal suit for a tan jump suit, the person jumped on the counter Heat-style and waived a gun around.  The robber then decided to avoid drawing attention flying away and instead drove off in an unassuming maroon car.

Just when we all thought Downey Jr. had fully-rehabilitated himself, he goes and robs a bank.  And…shrinks.

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