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Tom Cruise Sci-fi Movie Gets New Title

Tom Cruise isn’t done with his sci-fi faze just yet.  After starring in this year’s Oblivion, Cruise has another science fiction action movie slated to be released next summer and it is getting a new title.

Announced via Twitter by Mr. Cruise himself, Warner Bros. has retitled his sci-fi thriller All you Need Is Kill with the much more commercial and less violent sounding Edge of Tomorrow.  While it certainly sounds like the title of a Bond film, Edge of Tomorrow is much better than All You Need Is Kill which sounds like the title of a Grindhouse picture from the ’70s.

Tom Cruise - WB
Tom Cruise | (WB)

Directed by Doug Liman, the movie is set in the near-future where an alien race has attacked Earth.  Cruise plays a military officer sent on a suicide mission despite the fact that he’s never seen a day of combat.  Killed almost immediately, He’s thrown into a time loop where he dies during battle and returns to fight the aliens with increased skill and knowledge of their weaknesses.  Almost like Groundhog Day with a little Source Code thrown in.

The photos of Cruise in his weapon mech suit look pretty badass and I’m looking forward to another action film from Liman who also directed The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Hopefully Edge of Tomorrow resembles those two well-made pictures and not his last action film, Jumper.

Liman and WB will be presenting some footage of the movie at this year’s Comic-Con.  The film costars Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton and it will be released on June 6, 2014.

Matt Damon’s ‘Elysium’ Role Was First Offered to Eminem.

Wait…….what?  You read that correctly.  Director Neill Blomkamp originally envisioned Marshall Mathers, AKA Eminem, as the futuristic anti-hero who takes desperate measures to save himself and restore justice to the world by invading Elysium.

Blomkamp’s follow-up to his debut hit District 9 was meant to be a low-budget project.  The South African director first envisioned Ninja, a rapper with the South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord, as the hero Max De Costa.  When Ninja declined, Blomkamp then went after Eminem to take the role.

The movie is set in 2154 where Earth has become a decayed and crowded slum where people struggle to survive while the privileged members of society live on the floating space metropolis known as Elysium.  When De Costa discovers he has cancer, he sets out to reach Elysium to cure himself and provide the people of Earth with the health care they require.

951023 - Elysium
Elysium | (TriStar/Getty Images)


Blomkamp met with Eminem to talk about the project and he was interested in the role.  But he had one stipulation that the movie be shot in his hometown of Detroit.  Blomkamp and the studio were unable to bring the project to Michigan, so they moved on and eventually settled with Matt Damon.

While it would have been interesting to see the Real Slim Shady take on such a role, he only has one major acting credit under his belt and that was essentially playing himself in 8 Mile.

Damon is obviously a more accomplished actor and his presence was no doubt a contributing factor to Elysium ultimately becoming a major summer movie.  It’s my most anticipated film of the year and Damon is a major reason why.  Eminem would have been an inspired choice, but it’s best to lead the acting to the actors and the rapping to the rappers.

Netflix Cropping Movies At An Extreme Level

So apparently a Tumblr called What Netflix Does has discovered that the company is cropping its movies to a ridiculous degree.  You might not notice when you’re watching a movie with the service, but the Tumblr features a number of glaring before-and-after examples that, to any cinephile, is awful.

Netflix Cropping - Gizmodo
Netflix Cropping | (Gizmodo)

Most movies these days are shot in a 16:9 aspect ratio, but Netflix is cropping the 2.39:1 image from the original frame to fill your television screen.

The website Gizmodo reached out to Netflix for a response and this is what they got:

“We want to offer the best picture and provide the original aspect ratio of any title on Netflix.  However, unfortunately our quality controls sometimes fail and we end up offering the wrong version of a title.  When we discover this error, we work to replace that title as soon as possible.”

This is just lazy and irresponsible.  The filmmakers who make movies have a specific vision (most of the time) in mind and they frame scenes in a specific way.  If you can’t see everything that’s going on inside the frame, then that’s editing someone else’s work.

I thought we fixed this problem with the emphasis on wide-screen formatted televisions and no longer releasing Blu-rays and DVDs in full-screen.  As someone who still buys discs (a dying industry), I feel a little more justified in that now.  As convenient and fast as streaming services are, they’re still not perfect.  For the average home-entertainment consumer that might be fine, but for me it’s not.

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