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Photos: Oregon Ducks Football vs Nicholls State Colonels

The Oregon Ducks football team did everything it needed to do en route to a blowout 66-3 victory over the Nicholls State Colonels.

Oregon Ducks Route Nicholls State Colonels at Home, Win 66-3

Marcus Mariota

The Oregon Ducks (1-1) did what they needed to do en route to a 66-3 win at home over the Nicholls State Colonels (0-1) at home in front of 57,000+ fans.

Oregon volleyball drops straight sets to Ohio

After grabbing a straight set win against Bryant this morning, the Ducks (2-1) dropped their first game of the season against the Ohio Bobcats (3-0) in the same fashion. The Ducks did have to wait two games before playing the Bobcats, but judging by their performance, it looked to be a little more than just […]

Stink bugs worry Oregon orchardists and vintners

Insect researchers are finding alarmingly high numbers of non-native stink bugs in Ashland and elsewhere in the Bear Creek Valley, and warn of a potential infestation that could foul homes and damage orchards and vineyards.

Spotlight: Barre3 EUGENE

Barre3 evolves the traditional dancer’s workout by integrating the grace of ballet barre work, the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates. This powerful combination creates a dancer’s body: long, lean and graceful lines of a dancer – with the core strength of an athlete.

Chip Kelly Cuts 11 Players Including Dennis Dixon and Will Murphy

Chip Kelly has a lot of former Ducks on his NFL roster. But Dennis Dixon and Will Murphy were not in the group that made the roster cut.

E.J. Singler Agrees to Training Camp Deal With Portland Trail Blazers

E.J. Singler

Edward J. Singler may be playing basketball in the northwest. E.J. Singler struck a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to make a spot at training camp.

Pregame Analysis, Nicholls State Colonels vs Oregon

With time and coaching maturity, the Colonels could become one of the FCS’s better schools. It just won’t be this year and it just won’t be against the Ducks.

NCU Beacons Volleyball Splits Season Opening Double-Header

NCU Beacons Volleyball

NCU Beacons Volleyball kicked off the 2013 season with a 3-0 sweep over Pacific Union, but quickly followed that with a five set loss to William Jessup.

Enough Talk, Lets Find A Solution

It’s time to get involved and stop allowing the conversation to be controlled by a single group. It’s time to do more than talk, even out of true compassion, it’s time to elevate the discourse and focus on solutions, not who can yell the loudest.

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