Bike Friday In The Bike Capital Of The Country

Bike Friday Chopper
Image | Sandy Harris
Image | Sandy Harris
Matthew Corson-Finnerty Image | Sandy Harris

While I was Out & About, I stopped by Bike Friday in west Eugene to see what was happening. Much to my delight, I caught Matthew Corson-Finnerty cruising around on his prototype chopper bike.  He was having so much fun with it.  I of course grabbed my camera and began to shoot as quickly as I could!

I ran inside to look around a bit to see what they had to offer and to chat with the guys inside.  They showed me with obvious pride, how in 4 seconds their bikes can fold down into something that could fit into a carry on!  What?

Bike Friday has been building these very cool bikes for 20 years!  Offering their standard to custom built bikes.  Once folded, the bikes have a really cool feature; a built in handlebar.  You can ride it to the grocery story and take it inside with you it’s that handy!

I had a pleasant time visiting with the guys at Bike Friday and will be heading back to see the finished chopper bike.  You can find them here.

Bike Friday Image | Sandy Harris

See you out there!

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