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Sylvester Stallone Calls Out Bruce Willis on Twitter For Being Too Greedy

Imagine being offered $3 million for four days of work.  Then imagine someone turning it down because they want an additional million tacked on.  That’s what Bruce Willis reportedly demanded to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel The Expendables 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Willis turned down $3 million for four days of consecutive work on location in Bulgaria.  “He said he’d drop out unless he got $4 million,” said a source close to the production.  “A million dollars a day.  Stallone and everybody else involved said no.”

bruce-willis-expendables-2 - IGN
Bruce Willis | (IGN)

Sylvester Stallone was particularly upset by Willis’ decision but he seemed to get over it quickly by announcing that Harrison Ford had agreed to join the production.  Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas have since signed on too.  Who’s left by the way?  Eastwood, Neeson, The Rock?  We’ll save them for number 4.

“WILLIS OUT … HARRISON FORD IN!!!!  GREAT NEWS!!!!  Been waiting years for this!!!!,” tweeted Stallone.  He then followed that up with, “GREEDY AND LAZY … A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

I don’t blame Stallone for being irked by Willis’ decision.  The Die Hard actor has had a pretty lucrative year with February’s A Good Day to Die Hard and March’s GI Joe: Retaliation each grossing more than $300 million worldwide so he’s certainly doing a lot better financially than his fellow Expendables action stars.  I mean really Bruce?  Was that extra million that important?

But to publicly call out Willis on Twitter is a bit unprofessional.  The last time I checked, the last decade of Stallone’s career has been dedicated to desperately clinging to old ’80s franchises (Rocky and Rambo) as well as The Expendables franchise which is essentially a geriatric ’80s muscle-man reunion tour.

Plus he’s developing a Rocky spinoff movie focusing on Apollo Creed and he’s starring in another boxing movie with Robert De Niro (Yes, it’s true) which will be released later this year.  Call Willis greedy all you want Stallone but at least he’s still taking chances in his career (Looper, Moonrise Kingdom).

Does Matt Damon Have a Non-Bourne Hit In Him?

Matt Damon is one of the biggest movie stars in the world.  He’s won an Academy Award, worked with a number of acclaimed directors (Spielberg, Soderbergh, Scorsese, Eastwood, Greengrass, Coen Brothers) and he’s constantly in demand.

But if you stop and look at his career, other than the Bourne franchise, Damon hasn’t been the lead in a major box office hit since 1997’s Good Will Hunting.  That’s sixteen years ago!  The Ocean’s Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan and The Departed were all successes for Damon, but they were all ensembles.  True Grit was a hit three years ago, but Jeff Bridges was the star of that film.

Matt Damon | (Collider)


I bring this up because Damon is headlining his first summer blockbuster in six years with the release of Elysium.  Boasting a budget of $110 million, the Sci-fi film is projected to gross $35 million this weekend which would be good but not great, especially compared to two other original Sci-fi films (Oblivion, Pacific Rim) which each grossed $37 million in their opening weekend and failed to reach $100 million domestically.

Damon is a great actor and he tends to choose smarter roles over summer blockbusters but Elysium looks like a bit of both.  It’s currently fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s directed by Neill Blomkamp whose first feature film, District 9, was an intelligent science fiction film that blended thrilling action sequences with social commentary.

Elysium looks like it will be a modest success and Damon deserves it.  He’s had a diverse career that speaks to the versatility of his abilities as an actor.  But every actor has to do a popcorn movie every once in a while right?  Brad Pitt just did one, Denzel Washington has done a few as of late and that’s the only thing Will Smith does.  It’s Damon’s turn.

The Monuments Men Trailer Debuts

Speaking of Matt Damon.  He’s in yet another ensemble this Christmas with the George Clooney-directed film The Monuments Men.  Starring Clooney, Damon, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, Jean Dujardin and John Goodman, the film tells the true story of a World War II platoon whose mission was to track down and preserve precious works of art before they were taken by the Nazis.

The trailer certainly has an Ocean’s Eleven vibe about it but I was disappointed that Bill Murray didn’t get any memorable lines in the trailer.  Hopefully they’re saving his best stuff for when the film is released.  I can’t wait for this film for two reasons: that amazing cast that Clooney has assembled and that it reminds me of one of my favorite movies growing up, Kelly’s Heroes (Look it up kids).  I mean who wants to kill a bunch of Nazis when you can steal gold or art.  That sounds way cooler.  The Monuments Men opens December 18.

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