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How Original is the Oregon Ducks ‘Shout’ Tradition Really?

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Oregon Ducks Shout Tradition
Oregon Ducks Shout Tradition

You guys, I think the Oregon Ducks ‘Shout’ tradition may be stolen from Purdue.

You know how Oregon Ducks football always sends the team into the fourth quarter with a rousing rendition of The Isley Brothers’ inimitable Shout? Yeah, you know which one I’m talking about.

Well, I noticed something interesting when watching highlights from the 2008 Oregon-Purdue game. (Don’t ask, I’m not going to deny that I’m a Duck nerd.)

So take a look at this clip here and see for yourself.

If you’ll notice, after LeGarrette Blount strolls in for a game-tying touchdown at the end of the first quarter, Purdue has a very similar tradition for the start of the fourth quarter to Oregon’s.

“Since 2006, a celebrity has led the Ross-Ade Stadium crowd in singing “Shout” (made famous by Otis Day and the Knights in the movie ‘Animal House’) between the third and fourth quarters,” reads the Purdue website.

Purdue’s celebrities include Boilermaker legend Drew Brees, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and —incidentally when they played Oregon — NFL pro bowler Bob Griese. But shortly after playing Purdue in Ross-Ade Stadium, it seems Oregon started dancing to that scene from Animal House.

And to be clear, it does seem to be more in Oregon’s style. Animal House was filmed here, and having been in Section 8 at Autzen for many a fourth quarter, the Autzen faithful do it right. But it was interesting to find a similar tradition at Purdue shortly before the Ducks started playing it.


Playing an up-beat song before the fourth quarter is not a new one by any means though. Oregon got a taste of some other fan traditions when they went to Pasadena in 2012 to play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Before the stadium played ‘Shout’, they played Wisconsin’s ‘Jump Around’, which got nowhere near as wild as it tends to in Camp Randall.

Many schools have some way of marking the transition to the fourth quarter. In big, close games, the fourth quarter is an important 15 minutes full of intrigue and suspense. In the last two years, the Ducks have had some really important fourth quarters and have dropped a couple of them, but Shout is always there to bring it in. Some schools just stick to putting four fingers into the air.

And then there’s some schools that throw toast onto the field. And by toast, I mean bread.

That’s right, at Penn University, between the third and fourth quarters, the band will play ‘A Toast to Dear Old Penn’. At some point in the song, during the line “Here’s a toast to dear old Penn!” everyone throws a slice of toast onto the track around the field.


So be thankful that you don’t have to bring bread products to Autzen for the third quarter.

And, be thankful that the tradition has come this far. Bringing in the fourth quarter with a giant celebration is clearly not a new thing, nor is singing Shout with 59,000 of your closest friends. But there’s definitely something about the song that fits the atmosphere at Autzen when Otis Day starts singing:

Weeeeeeeeeell, you know you make me wanna…

Oregon Shout Tradition - Purdue
Did Oregon steal "shout" from Purdue?

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