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Big changes are coming to Rick Dancer TV. We started this TV show with an idea. BEGINNINGS.

We know you are tired of traditional media and sick of traditional television so we set out to create something you would watch. WORTH WATCHING.

We had an idea to take everything we’d been told you couldn’t do on TV and “just do it.” CAN’T DO THIS ON TV

We believe that media is a relationship. The days of “pushing our way” into your television are long gone. We want to give you creative, fun and sometimes off the wall entertainment so you will invite us in. NO PUSHING, NO SHOVING.

We understand your thirst for reality but you hate reality TV so why not just be real? Hey, there’s an idea. LET’S GET REAL

We take you places you dream of because you are an adventurer and want to have fun. HOW ABOUT AN ADVENTURE?

We bring back an interview segment commercial television killed because it failed to titillate and instead aimed to educate. The WaterCooler is back. THE WATERCOOLER

We find Emma Christine, on a local radio station to be my co-host and the magic begins. Emma brings humor and life to the program and we know we are onto something. A LITTLE MAGIC!

And we talk about things you aren’t supposed to talk about to your friends, but want to, and we talk about them on TV. OK, LETS TALK FOR A MINUTE

We love to introduce you to local business and places to visit or eat. THERE’S SOMEONE WE’D LIKE YOU TO MEET

We also have a softer side. We aren’t afraid to show stories that will touch or break your heart after all life is not always easy and acknowledging that helps all of us. We also aren’t afraid to tell the story, even when it’s longer than the: 30 seconds allotted by traditional media. Some stories need time and we give them that time. GO AHEAD, TRY TO TELL THIS IN A SOUND BITE

We love to bring you news, but news with a twist. We bring relevance not just facts, figures and folly. We breathe life into our productions and sometimes use a handheld camera, like the local TV stations. RELEVANCE AND A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

Since we are not “Managed” by suits in their ivory palaces doing what’s best for “sales” we can step out of news and into real life. We can show you ideas and stretch your mind just a little, even when it involves controversy. READY FOR A NEW IDEA?

So there you have it. Rick Dancer TV expanding and moving into new territory. We know you want local and you want information and entertainment and some news not just press releases put to video. We know you are looking for experience and people who understand the media is more than “being on TV.”

We’ve teamed up with Eugene Daily News and others to connect you to your community. So come joins us on this wild adventure. We have so much planned but I can’t tell you everything you’ll just have to watch and see. There are people out there watching and attempting to copy us so we like to be a little careful, let them work.

What we said on the first show is still true. IT’S STILL TRUE RDTV is not a train wreck but it is also not traditional media. Now, isn’t that what you are looking for?

We leave you with this and hope to see you online all the time at http://www.rickdancer.tv or on KEVU every Sunday at 4:30 starting September first.

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