Kaleidoscope Festival – A Photo Essay

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While I was Out & About I thought I would check out the Kaleidoscope Festival at Mt. Pisgah without any idea of what it was about.  I was in complete awe to be honest.  I was fascinated by what I saw, by the people and by the extreme security.  My car was checked along with all the others, walking well over a mile to get to the front gates, at which point I was searched with a pat down and my bags were searched, even my water was checked.

I felt pretty safe when I was finally able to get in.  I was at the festival at an earlier part of the day so I shot some photographs of the event before it really got going.   You can get a feel of what was taking place through my photographs.  The people were free and seemed to not have a care in the world.  There were hammocks strung through the trees for anyone to have a rest, there were even fairies walking around.  People even brought their couches for comfort.

All photos Sandy Harris, all rights reserved.

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