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Bones at Agrarian Ales

Halloween Costume Party At Agrarian Ales Tonight!

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It is no secret how much I love Agrarian Ales.  I was on my way into Eugene one afternoon and decided to stop by and say hello to Ben and see what new kinds of beers they had on tap.  This time of year pumpkin beers are the thing.  Yep, they have some of that too!  Curcrubita mild ale is on tap. They used their own sugar pie pumpkins from Crossroads Farm and barley malt roasted in their wood fired oven to brew this mild and delicious non spice ale.

Curcurbita at Agrarian Ales
Thing trying to steal my Curcurbita at Agrarian Ales Image | Sandy Harris

While I was out there, I ran into Rick and Emma from Rick Dancer T.V.  I finally got to meet Emma and we chatted for a bit.  Emma tried my favorite; Delilah and guess what?  She loves it too!

Ben and I talked about how things are going out there; this is their first winter being open.  They have done a really nice job enclosing the patio.  Its intimate and you just can’t help but feel at home while you are there.  To keep warm, there is the beer of course, but they have nice tall heaters toasting up the place as well.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate all Hallows Eve, you should head out to Agrarian Ales for their costume party from 5 – 10 pm tonight.  Their new releases include Von Tassel Pumpkin Belgian Blonde, Pepo Loco Chile Spice Pumpkin on Nitro and Dark Beer!  Two of their new releases will be poured through a pumpkin keg, that just sounds like fun!  You can take a look at their full tap list here    

Their cooks are amazing at Agrarian Ales.  On the menu for the evening: Pig Head Ragu, Pumpkin Polenta, Head Cheese Board, Crispy Pig Ear Salad and Captain beet Heart Soup!

A Scream of a time at Agrarian Ales Image | Sandy Harris

It is sure to be a scream of a time at Agrarian!  Symbiotic Quintet will be performing tonight.

So get your mask on (costumes are required tonight) grab your partner and head on out to Agrarian. Tell em Sandy sent ya!

Agrarian Ales is located at 31115 W Crossroads Lane, Eugene, Oregon.


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