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November 2013

PHOTOS: Oregon Ducks-Oregon State Civil War Football 2013

I liked when I saw some of the Oregon football players posing with families for photos and some signing footballs for fans. They are a great group of athletes. All-in-all, it was an amazing afternoon and evening spent being part of the Duck Nation. Go Ducks in your bowl game. Make yourselves and your Duck Nation proud.

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Ridgeview Cottage Grove 4A Championship

Lions Open Large Lead Early; Ravens Rally


Scotty Hitner DSC02901The kicking game was everything in the early going. An inexplicable squib kick by Ridgeview to open the game led to a short field, and a 7-0 deficit shortly thereafter, on Cottage Grove quarterback Scotty Hitner’s 1 yard dive.


The Ravens dodged another self inflicted wound after a shanked punt, when Hitner’s pass was deflected, and intercepted in the Ridgeview end zone by Tanner O’Neil, but the next 2 shanked punts led to 2 more short fields, and a 17-0 deficit not 3 minutes into the second quarter.


Things finally turned the Ravens’ way in special teams, when Jack Bowman took the ensuing kickoff back 62 yards, and Ridgeview cashed in 25 yards and 8 plays later, on Boomer Flemming’s 1 yard touchdown and 2 point conversion runs to cut the deficit to 17-8.


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Our chances for rain are increasing, then the bottom will fall out of the temperatures early in the workweek.

_______________   No winner this week. Here is my weekly weather quiz question for the last time. The “Winter Solstice” occurs at 9:11 AM December 21st. What is the significance of this event? Here is the correct answer. The Winter Solstice is the time at which the sun is farthest south in the Southern Hemisphere, on or […]

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Cruizers donate gifts to Sheltercare: ‘That’s why I wear my patch’

The biker group Cruizers for Christ strapped bundles filled with holiday joy to their motorcycles Saturday morning, helping Santa deliver presents to low-income and homeless families through Sheltercare.Cruiser Don Dickinson said the motorcycle fellows…

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