An Afternoon At Coburg Pizza

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Julia Crowley (Wine Julia), Kevin Baird (news / entertainment writer) and I met at Coburg Pizza one afternoon for Julia’s column The Local Lunch Gals.  I was so excited to be a part of this for a few reasons.

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
Kevin Baird and Julia Crowley | Photo by Sandy Harris

One, I was able to sit and chat with my fellow co-workers outside of our typical meeting and two, try some of the famous Coburg Pizza I have heard so much about.  My first real interest in Coburg Pizza was when I watched a segment from the Rick Dancer TV show.  He and Emma were in Coburg this summer and sat down with Terry, owner of Coburg Pizza, you can take a look here.  They showed (and ate) some of the best looking pizza I have ever seen.

Their menu is quite amazing and extensive.  They put things on pizza that you never would have imagined!  Until now, the craziest pizza I have ever come across was BBQ chicken pizza (I know that isn’t very crazy is it) I thought that was out of this world when I first came across it a few years back but Coburg Pizza has gone above and beyond anyone’s wildest imagination by far.

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
Singapore Sweet-Chili Chicken Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris

They serve so many different things there besides their infamous pizza; salads, wings, pasta, calzones, bread stix, you get the idea.  I have to say my favorite (and this is only because I have only been there once so far) was the Singapore Sweet-Chili Chicken pizza.  This pizza was amazing to say the least!  Topping off their delicious crust was green and red roasted peppers, fajita chicken, white-sauce, sweet banana peppers and their spicy sweet Singapore sauce.  Holy Cow my taste buds are singing just thinking about it!

Coburg Pizza even has an appetizer size pizza for your pizza!  What?  It’s true.  Their appetizer pies come in the Piccolo size only and feeds 1 or two.  Feel like a pizza appetizer but wings sound like they would be a great appetizer too? (who doesn’t like a good wing right?)  Problem solved… They have a Buffalo Wing Pie!

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris | Photo by

As Julia, Kevin and I sat there in the very intimate little restaurant, I began to look at the little details of this sweet and cozy shop.  There are old photographs framed on the wall, deep red painted walls, crackled window trim.  On two of the walls right there in the restaurant, you can even pick out a movie to rent.

Terry asked us what we would like and mentioned a couple of wines they had available, one a Merlot, the second was a white Merlot.  Well now, we had to try the white merlot simply because not one of us knew a white Merlot even existed!   I imagined it would be white (color me pink) but it was more of a deep rose’ burgandy color;  very pretty and it was sweet too.  I don’t care for sweet wines but I have to admit, it went very well with our meal.  It was chilled, another surprise when I took a sip of it.  Reds are typically served at room temperature.

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
Greek Salad at Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris

Along with the 4 different pizza samplings, we were also served the Greek Salad, scones and wings that were crazy delicious!  The three of us had a wonderful time, traveling around the world really with each bite of something new.  We learned a bit more about each other as Frank Sinatra played in the background and our lunch slowly disappeared from the table that once quite literally covered it.

The hospitality was amazing.  Terry came out and chatted with us for a bit.  Coburg Pizza has been in it’s current location for about 7 years now.  They opened up a second location in Springfield on Centennial at the old Abbey’s Pizza location nearly two years ago.   Next time I am in Springfield, Coburg Pizza will most definitely be on my stop-in list.  What sounds better than sitting by a fire eating a freshly made pizza with either a good book or a good friend to accompany you and a nice glass of wine?

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris

Pizza has been a comfort food for me forever, taking me back to my childhood.  My sister and I used to bake a (cough) Totino’s pizza and split it, her and I each walking around with half a pizza.  They seemed so much bigger then!  I think my friend Patty and I lived on pizza for an entire summer once upon a time.  Those were the good ole days.  The beautiful thing about Coburg pizza is their toppings, they have so many different kinds!   Cheeseburger sound good?  They have that on a pizza, r how about breakfast pizza?  Yep, that too.

Coburg Pizza | Photo by Sandy Harris
White Merlot | Photo by Sandy Harris

Nana’s Caffe’ (located inside Coburg Pizza) starts the day out right with their Italian espresso, delicious (and huge) cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones and such.   Although I wouldn’t mind pizza in the morning, it just doesn’t sound as practical as a cinnamon roll does.  My mouth is watering just thinking about one, it really is quite a meal in itself.  I took one home and had to eat it in two sittings!

So, whether you are heading in or out of town, I would highly recommend stopping by Coburg Pizza in Coburg and grabbing something wonderful and treat your tastebuds to a few slices of heaven.  They are located not too far from the freeway.  Or head over to the Centennial location.  Either place you are ensured exceptional food and service.

You can check out their menu here and follow them on Facebook.

See you out there!


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