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Behind The Scenes: It’s Getaway Time

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Three years ago, my youngest son and I decided to go on a trip together. My brother-in-laws boss owns a remote fishing lodge in Alaska called Redoubt Mountain Lodge. On the trip Jess figured out quickly that getting a job here would be his dream come true. Jess is a big time fisherman and up until this point in his life was having trouble figuring out what he wanted to do. College wasn’t really working for him and working construction paid the bills but it didn’t fill that thing we each need to fill that makes us feel alive.

RDTV goes to Alaska

While on the trip the manager asked if we wanted to go trout fishing. We said sure but he’d forgotten to bring the trout poles. Jess pulled out a hook and some line and in a matter of minutes had hooked a fish without a pole. I think that’s when Jess got the job. For the past three years he’s been a fishing guide in Alaska. He goes each June and returns in October.

The second year he was up there the owner hired Rick Dancer Media Services to shoot a 20-minute show on their lodge. Every time we air any of these segments people come unglued. You will see the place, the scenery, learn a little history, go fishing and even watch a bear scare. Also in this show is a new style video we are shooting for Lochmead Farms and a trailer for a documentary on Senator Mark Hatfield. Be sure and stick around for the end of the show, we’ve got a little surprise for you.

Our shows air Sunday at 4:30 on KEVU or you can watch them live on and of course, here in my column on EDN.

On our Youtube page we’ve put our show in segments so you can pick and choose which ones you want to spend time with.

I hope you like it. Redoubt Mountain is a pretty special place in our family and I think once you watch this you will have a new place to add to your personal bucket list.

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