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PHOTOS: Oregon Ducks-Oregon State Civil War Football 2013

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Shooting the Civil War game between the Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers was very exciting.  The Ducks played to win in the last two minutes and the defense upheld the one point victory.

One expensive mascot, but worth every penny.

The game had it’s ups and downs.  Both teams had their issues throughout the game.  My photos document several turnovers by the Ducks.  It was a fun game to shoot.  The Duck mascot was very active on the sideline.  His antics add to the festivities of the Civil War.  The student section was pretty well behaved unlike some of the other sections.

#26 – Ben Butterfield with his folks

This being my first College football game as a photographer, I noticed the how BIG the players look when you’re on the field.  They are taller than one might think and when your weight is 280 to 300 pounds, makes them look even bigger.  Another thing that’s noticeable is the speed of the game.  Everything happens quickly and you had better have your camera aimed in the right spot or you have missed the action.

Josh Huff had a big night

For me, the highlight of the game was Josh Huff scoring the winning touchdown.  What a moment for Josh.  Having read the article written earlier this year about Josh, that was an amazing moment.  The photo of Josh on his back in the end zone was the winning score.  The celebration after the win was pretty hectic.  Sandy and I were right in the middle of the crowd and was it crazy.

Ball control was at an all time low this game.

I liked when I saw some of the Oregon football players posing with families for photos and some signing footballs for fans.  They are a great group of athletes. All-in-all, it was an amazing afternoon and evening spent being part of the Duck Nation.  Go Ducks in your bowl game.  Make yourselves and your Duck Nation proud.

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