A Lesson Learned At Oil Can Henry’s

oil can henry's
oil can henry's

I had a few errands to run today; my first meeting was at the Oakway Center at one of my favorite places to eat,  Cafe’ Yumm!  I love that place because it’s local, it’s healthy and delicious!  Once my meeting was over I decided to walk through the court yard at the center and if you have never been, I would suggest taking a stroll through there.  They always have it decorated so nicely for the holidays.

El Pato Cafe' at 5th Street Market
El Pato Cafe’ at 5th Street Market

Once that meeting was over, I headed downtown to meet with my editor at the 5th Street Market.  They have it decorated so nice there too!  I just love this time of year and seeing all the wonderful decorations that are out.  While I was waiting for Kelly, I decided I needed something to warm me up and since I was sitting right next El Pato Cafe’ I moseyed up to the counter and ordered myself a Peppermint Mocha.  I watched as the barista made it. I caught him taking a sniff of my drink, his smile confirming that I had made the right choice as he handed me my wintery drink that held promises of comfort.

My meeting finished up there, off I went to Springfield to mail a package and continue my day full of errands.  I drove down the Beltline to Gateway with no trouble and decided I was hungry.  Now although I had my meeting at Cafe’ Yumm in Eugene, I didn’t eat so I made my way to Cafe’ Yumm! (very convenient since it is really close to the post office).  I know right… Cafe’ Yumm twice in one day!  I got it to go and headed to the post office.  Much to my surprise there was no place to park, so I decided I could mail my packages later on.


It has been WAY too long since my last oil change and since my normal service station couldn’t get me in without an appointment today I decided I would hit Oil Can Henry’s in Springfield on Q street next to Dari Mart.

I pulled in at about 3 p.m. and not in any hurry, I ate my lunch while the two cars ahead of me were serviced.  It was finally my time to pull in to the garage.

Being guided into Oil Can Henry's
Being guided into Oil Can Henry’s

Tonie was my attendant and took very good care of me.  He showed me my oil level and I guess he could tell it had been a while since my last change, but he quizzed me on it anyhow.  I refused to tell him just how long because I know it’s not good to let your oil go for a long time.  Yes, it has been a long time I confessed.  While my oil was being changed, Tonie showed me my air filter was nice and clean and asked me if I knew about my cabin filter.  It was located behind my glove box.  I told him I did not know it even existed.  He offered to check it for me and with a little patience he was able to take the glove box out and locate the filter.

Now for you squeamish people out there, just hang in there because this is really important.  When Tonie pulled the filter out, my eyes about popped out of my head!  There was so much “junk” in that filter it was ridiculous!  Feathers and dust and hay, pine needles, just all kinds of outdoor stuff caught inside that filter, thankfully stopping it from entering into my car.  Tonie said it should be changed between 15 and 30 thousand miles.

Tonie removing my glove box at Oil Can Henry's
Tonie removing my glove box at Oil Can Henry’s

My car is a 2006 and this is the first time I have been told about this thing, holy cow!  He said most people don’t know about the cabin filter and that most new cars have them, but for some reason Chevy’s don’t.  I thanked him for the information when he went to put it back in we both freaked out.  It looked as if there was lint from your dryer coming out of the compartment where the filter came out, more nasty junk that was in the filter, only tons more of it.  Tonie scooped the it out for me and replaced the filter.  Tonie was very knowledgable and said he has been into vehicles since he could walk.  He learned from his father, who I learned was in the service and could do all sorts of different things.

Please, if you don’t know if you have one, or where it is located, talk to your service person, google it or take a look at your owners manual.  I never knew why my car smelled like dirty socks before.  Now I do.

I will be going back to Oil Can Henry’s.  I really like their service and I just feel really confident about my car when I leave there.  Within three months of service, you can pull right up to the front of the building and have them “top off” your oil too!  How convenient is that?  It’s like skipping to the front of the line really.

Tonie at Oil Can Henry's showing me that I need a new cabin filter
Tonie at Oil Can Henry’s showing me that I need a new cabin filter

The fog began to settle in and I really wanted to be home before it got too dark, so I hurried and finished up my shopping and headed back to the post office on Gateway.  I was surprised to see a couple of parking spots open and pulled right in, grabbed my packages and headed for the door.  I saw a lot of people and for what ever reason (denial) I convinced myself they were not standing in line, they were all just visiting.  Upon closer inspection, yes, they really all were in line and the line was coming out the door onto the sidewalk.  Ha!   Without skipping a beat I pulled an immediate U turn and headed right back to my car wondering how much closer to home I would be had I not attempted a second trip to the post office.

Laughing as I buckled into my car, I headed to the gas station; my last stop before heading home.  I got out, paid for my gas and nearly killed myself as I leapt (jumped) over fake plastic tarantula someone had dropped right there between the pump and my car.  For those of you who don’t know, I am deathly afraid of spiders.  It doesn’t matter if they are fake plastic, in a magazine or a fluffy stuffed child’s toy.  I got myself calmed down by the time I was on the road to home!

See you out there and if you happen to go to Oil Can Henry’s and see Tonie, tell em Sandy sent ya!



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