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When January rolls around something in my soul becomes uneasy. I never used to get that way but January of 2010 changed my January’s forever. That is the year doctors discovered my Prostate Cancer. A few months later I added a new label to my resume “Cancer Survivor.”

Recently while thinking of a topic for the next Rick Dancer TV show the thought hit me: “Rick, you should do a show on survivors?”


So that is what we are doing. Over the years we have produced many stories on folks who beat the odds, fight their fears and make their way into the survivor category. We’re starting with my Prostate Cancer story and moving to a woman with a very rare, yet fatal disease called Scleroderma.

Don’t worry the show is not all about illness, in fact one of my favorite “Womenspace stories” will also air in this episode. The story of a mother and her son and how she discovers 20 years after receiving services that she truly did the right things. Also included in our look at survivors a couple of amazing women from the Look Me In The Eye Program.

We even have a song, written by a local artist, about survival.

Rick Dancer Television is moving into a new realm. We are shifting focus a bit and going deeper than before and it’s really starting to resonate with viewers. We’re still going to produce the fun shows that introduces you to restaurants and informs you about the community. But a little depth to the soul never hurt anyone and besides, pain is the beginning of passion and we could sure use a little more of that in the community today.

Rick Dancer TV “Survivor” airs January 12th at 4:30 on KEVU.

For EDN readers, you can watch it right here (hit Fullscreen!)

[youlist vid=”cDXfMEXlO90″ width=”650″ modestbranding=”0″ showinfo=”1″ controls=”2″ fs=”1″ rel=”0″ start=”0″ loop=”1″]


You can also find it on along with all the other great episodes you may have missed.


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