Fire Fighters Come Together To Build At Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village
Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village in Eugene is about to get a new bungalow, courtesy of Lane Professional Fire Fighters (LPFF 851).

Opportunity Village Eugene celebrated its grand opening October 5, 2013.  Erecting it’s first bungalow August 20th, 2013 with more dwellings planned for the future.  Opportunity Village is just that, a place of opportunity.

“Opportunity Village is an alternative transitional housing community for otherwise unhoused individuals and couples”


Opportunity Village  |  Photo Opportunity Village Facebook
Opportunity Village | Photo Opportunity Village Facebook

A community of small simple dwellings for a displaced person to make the transition into a more permanent residence.  The village consists of several single room bungalows and conestoga’s that can house 1-2 people.  It gets them out of the elements and into a safe and secure environment, as well as a place for them to keep their belongings while they get on their feet.

Lane Professional Fire Fighters 851; which consists of Eugene and Springfield Fire Departments, South Lane Fire & Rescue, Lane Fire Authority and Western Lane Ambulance reached into their pockets and together they raised $1,000.00; the amount needed for the supplies to build a bungalow from the ground up at Opportunity Village, making it possible for another person to come off the streets.

Modest in their efforts for recognition, Lane Professional Fire Fighters 851 is a community driven entity who give back to the community through volunteering and events in their community such as this throughout the year.

Approximately 10 members of LPFF851 will meet this coming Monday January 27th at Opportunity Village at 9:00 a.m.  Putting their skills together, they will build and paint the bungalow (fire department red of course) that will temporarily house an individual or two while he or she makes the transition in to a more permanent home.  Should all go as planned, the bungalow will be completed by Monday evening and ready for a new resident.

I have included a link here to give you an idea just how big these dwellings are and what can happen when a community comes together.  Just recently, a new addition was added to the village; a 120 square foot building that will house a shower, two private restrooms and a laundry facility.  A very welcome addition to the community.

The residents do have to apply for a bungalow as well as pass a background check, just one of the many requirements of the village.

Opportunity Village Eugene is located at 111 Garfield Street in Eugene.  You can find more information on the link above or by calling 541-485-1755 with questions or donations.

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