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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fantastic Bud light Ad

If you happened to watch the AFC and NFC Championship games last weekend, you may have noticed Bud Light was running teaser ads in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday which is not just the biggest sports day of the year, it’s also the biggest advertising showcase too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - adweek.com
Get ready football fans because there’s something to look forward to besides the game. | (adweek.com)

Bud Light had several short ads hinting at more things to come when the big day arrives.  Among them were actor Don Cheadle walking a lama onto an elevator, musician Reggie Watts jamming in a stretch limo and the best one of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently training for a Wes Anderson-themed ping pong tournament.  So random.  I love it!

There were two Arnold spots: one where he is training, stretching and miming table tennis rallies as if he’s preparing to battle Forrest Gump, and another where he rather provocatively zips up his jacket, looks at the camera and says, “surprise.”


The former California governor is reportedly being payed $3 million for the spot.  That’s a nice paycheck for wearing a funny wig and selling some beer.  Other than some phenomenal Japanese commercials he did back in the day, the action star has rarely appeared in any ads in America.  $3 million will change anyone’s mind.

A 30-second slot of Super Bowl air time this year will cost advertisers a record $4 million, up nearly 50 percent from just five years ago.  It’s hard to quantify how successful these ads are for companies, but seeing Arnold in that outfit is probably going to sell some beer.  That or see an unusual increase in ping pong rec. leagues.

Netflix Instant Pick: The Hunt for Red October

In the wake of the Jack Ryan reboot opening last week, I thought I’d go back to where it all started.  Back when Sean Connery didn’t even bother with a Russian accent and Alec Baldwin was a young, hot movie star in waiting and John McTiernan was still making kick-ass movies.  I’m talking of course about The Hunt for Red October, the first Tom Clancy-adapted story to hit the big screen.

Released in 1990 (although it feels like an ’80s movie), Red October stars Connery as Marko Ramius, a legendary sub captain who after taking command of a new nuclear submarine that runs all but undetected thanks to a revolutionary propulsion system, decides to defect to the U.S. and visit appealing places like Maine and Montana.

A technologically advanced nuclear submarine making its way to the U.S. is obviously going to raise some concerns for the Americans, so they begin putting their military on high alert in preparation for a possible war with the Russians.  But one spunky analyst, Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin), thinks Ramius is acting alone, so he’s put through the ringer to prove his theory right and avoid World War III.

The Hunt for Red October - myfilmviews.com
I know what you’re thinking and no, this isn’t my real hair. | (myfilmviews.com)


What I like about Red October and the other Jack Ryan movies is that Ryan is the reluctant hero.  He’s just a guy who works in an office theorizing about possible threats to the U.S. and then telling his superiors so that they can actually do something about it.

Baldwin does a good job of portraying Ryan as a guy who thinks before he acts and when it does come time to dodge bullets and hold a gun, he’s more than capable.  He doesn’t have the stoicism of Harrison Ford, the most famous Ryan actor, but being the first to play the character required youthful energy and he has it.

Connery is as charismatic as ever and it made me realize how much I miss seeing him.  He hasn’t made a movie in more than a decade, but a role like Ramius reminds us all of what a great movie star he used to be.  The film also features great supporting work from Scott Glenn, Sam Neill and James Earl Jones.

The Hunt for Red October is a suspenseful military thriller where scenes of strategizing is just as compelling as ones involving torpedos.  McTiernan as always shoots with breathtaking confidence and the script is very strong.

Police Officer Throws the Football Around With a Young Boy Playing Alone

If there’s one scene from a movie that a vast majority of men will admit to being emotional about, it’s the scene in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner asks his dad from the past, “you wanna have a catch?”  Something so innocuous as throwing a ball around can mean a lot to someone and it certainly did to a boy in Rosenberg, Texas this week.

Police officer Ariel Soltura was out patrolling the area when he spotted 10-year-old Jermaine Ford standing outside of an apartment complex and playing with a football by himself.  In that moment, Soltura decided to take a couple of minutes out of his duty to enforce the law by positively reaching out to the community.

Police officer plays catch. - ABC News
Jermaine Ford and Ariel Soltura. | (ABC News)

“It’s important because we all live in this world together,” Soltura told a local news station.  “We all make an impact in this world and make it a better place.”

What’s great about the clip is Soltura’s insistence for Ford to keep backing up before he lets the pigskin fly.  The officer apparently has a cannon for an arm.  And let’s give some credit to young Ford for actually being outside.  You don’t see that very often in today’s world of internet and video games.

Police officers get a bad wrap sometimes because we seem to only ever hear about the negative news stories like police brutality or corruption.  If they stay out of the news, it’s because they’re doing their job.  In this instance, a cop is getting some much-deserved applause for making a kid’s day.

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