February 3 – Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines


Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Today’s headlines are brought to you by the Rick Dancer TV show. In case you missed it for a really uninteresting Super Bowl – Here’s the show.



  • Track seeks financial footing
    User fees are being questioned FINN ROCK: “We built the track for three main reason – for the school to use, for the community, and hopefully to do some things for economic development,” says George Letchworth, president of the governing
  • Should Targeting Be a Felony?
    We all love rock ‘em, sock ‘em football, but with all the recent concern for player safety, we need to give thought to just what can be done to make the game safer for the players.  Basically there are only two ways to do this: more pr
  • Oregon’s Top ‘Recruits’ Add Nothing to Recruiting Rankings
    A little over a month ago, Budda Baker, a prized recruit out of Bellevue High School in Washington, had Duck fans screaming with joy and Husky fans howling in agony when he announced he was going to play football at Oregon.  It sounded great
  • Ducks Sink Vikings, 6-1
    Oregon downs Portland State 6-1 on Super Bowl Sunday to complete its sweep of in-state rivals from Portland
  • Manning Lack of Leadership Sinks Broncos Super Bowl Hopes
    In the worst beating since coming to Denver, Manning managed a safety, two interceptions, a fumble, a sack and a turnover on downs. The Seahawks took no prisoners in the 43 – 8 bronc ride.

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